7 Lucky Plants That May Bring Big Abundance Energy Into Your Space

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Maybe you say "rabbit, rabbit" on the first of the month for good karma, or maybe you have a lucky recipe up your sleeve. Either way, we could all use a little extra luck is this world. Well, it turns out there's an easy way to dial up the prosperity vibes while also upleveling your home's aesthetic: bring lucky plants into your home.

Granted, there’s no science, per se, to support that these supposed lucky plants have any fortune-boosting powers, but there are symbolic roots (pun intended) to convey as much. Furthermore, research does support the notion that plants in your home can help elevate your mood1 and improve air quality, and those are two serious wins. The best part? Many of the lucky plants are also low-maintenance, meaning you barely need to lift a finger to reap their benefits. (Just a watering can.)

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Learn more about how each type may usher in vibes of abundance and positive energy to you space, below. (TIP: If you're unsure of what type of plant you already own, you can use a plant identification app to find out!)

7 lucky plants believed to usher in abundance and good energy

  1. 1. Rubber plant

    “A native of Asia—specifically India, Malaysia, and Java—rubber plants have rounded leaves that are known to symbolize abundance, happiness, and wealth,” says Tobore Oweh, owner of Los Angeles floral design shop The Petal Effect.

    Rubber plants are also said to remove toxins and negative energy from the air, Oweh adds. The recipe for keeping a rubber plant flourishing? Bright, indirect sunlight, well-draining soil, and a good watering every week or two (Tip: early morning is considered the best time of day to water plants).

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  2. 2. Snake plant

    If you’re a forgetful plant mom like me, you’ll love the snake plant—also known as Sansevieria—because it’s so easy to care for. From full sun to low light, snake plants thrive almost anywhere, says Joyce Mast, a horticulturist and online plant emporium Bloomscape’s resident plant mom. Oweh adds that you only need to water your snake plant every three to four weeks.

    “This is an amazing plant since it absorbs toxins from the air during the night and releases oxygen, enabling good health and positive energy to those within its space,” Mast says.

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  3. 3. Jade plant

    Nika Vaughan, owner of Chicago-based beauty and plant boutique Plant Salon, says jade plants are associated with money and good fortune due to their small, coin-shaped leaves. Jade plants are succulents that store water in their plump leaves, so they don’t need to be watered often, she adds. “These plants love indirect, bright light and for the pot to dry out well before the next watering,” Vaughan says.

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  4. 4. Eucalyptus

    Whenever your space needs an energy refresh, consider eucalyptus your BFF. “Because of its therapeutic properties, the smell of eucalyptus is associated with fresh starts and cleansing,” Vaughan says. Pro tip: Hang some branches of dried eucalyptus in your shower to cultivate major spa vibes. Once the bathroom gets nice and steamy, Vaughan says, the eucalyptus will release its minty fragrance.

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  5. 5. Lucky bamboo

    A native to Southeast Asia and tropical rainforests in Africa, Oweh says lucky bamboo symbolizes good fortune and prosperity in feng shui. “It is believed that the luck associated with this plant is determined by the number of stalks in the arrangement,” she says. “For example, one stalk represents unity. Two stalks represent love. Three stalks represent happiness, wealth, and a long life. And seven stalks represent good health.” Lucky bamboo is easy to care for, too. It can be grown in water or soil, says Oweh—all it needs is bright, indirect light, and a warm space to grow.

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  6. 6. Money Tree

    With its braided trunk and lush leaves, the money tree is an is believed to bring good luck, positive energy, are reduced stress and anxiety. To best care for your money tree, Mast advises giving it deep but infrequent waterings, adding some extra moisture with a pebble tray or humidifier in the winter months.

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  7. 7. Ficus ginseng

    “Ficus ginseng is a bonsai-type plant, which is said to bring good luck and harmony,” Mast says of the glossy, green beauty. “If you receive a bonsai-type plant as a gift, fortune is believed to doubly smile on the gift receiver.” In other words, this plant makes a great housewarming gift, even for newbie plant parents. All it needs, Mast says, is bright light, humidity, and occasional watering.

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  1. Berger, Jenny et al. “The Appearance of Indoor Plants and Their Effect on People’s Perceptions of Indoor Air Quality and Subjective Well-being.” Building and Environment, vol. 219, 2022, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.buildenv.2022.109151.

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