These Are the 3 Zodiac Signs That Can Expect To Have a Particularly Lucky August

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August begins with a celestial bang: A rare triple conjunction of warrior Mars, iconoclastic Uranus, and the destiny-oriented north node occurs in Taurus on the eve of August 1. The last time all three of these astrological forces converged was in 2007, and even then, they weren’t at precisely the same spot in the sky. Together with a few other shifts from Mars and Mercury, this extraordinary conjunction will set the cosmic stage for three zodiac signs in particular—Aries, Gemini, and Scorpio—to have a super lucky August.

Kicking off the month, the union of Mars and Uranus, in particular, reflects the potential for innovative strategies and revolutionary catalysts. You can think of the vibe as things being shaken, rather than stirred. Though this level of change and disruption could certainly lead to breakdowns, exciting breakthroughs are just as possible, particularly for Aries (whose modern-day planetary ruler is Mars) and Scorpio (whose traditional planetary ruler is Mars). But no matter your astrology, with Uranus on the cosmic marquee, it’s important to embrace a Uranus-themed mindset: Be adaptable, embody flexibility, and as I like to say, stay bouncy.

You can think of the vibe for August as things being shaken, rather than stirred.

Because of the fated north node’s role in this month's three-part celestial cocktail, we may also find ourselves catching glimpses of how our future goals can guide our present-day movements. And again, this energy may be particularly strong for the Mars-ruled signs of Aries and Scorpio, who could very well see some big life changes arrive on the horizon.

Speaking of Mars, on August 20, it moves into Gemini, supercharging the sign of the twins for quite some time. While this action planet usually spends about seven weeks in each sign, its upcoming retrograde cycle will keep it in Gemini for about seven months. This lengthy combination of Mars’s intensity and Gemini’s airy intellect could turn your energy toward realms of life where you can expect to learn a great deal. And though this transit affects everyone, Geminis can expect to find the back half of the month especially illuminating.

Read on for more celestial background on why Aries, Gemini, and Scorpio are the zodiac signs practically star-sanctioned to have a lucky August.

Here are the 3 zodiac signs most likely to have a lucky August, and the astrological reasons why


You could have the opportunity to make great strides toward a new and more secure financial future. After all, the triple conjunction of Mars, Uranus, and the north node ignites your second house of personal resources and money.

To see real growth, however, you’ll need to first identify any stories you might tell yourself about not having what it takes to be financially successful—and call B.S. on them. From there, consider that optimizing your earning power starts with further developing your unique skills and talents, and investing in yourself. With the power of the triple conjunction behind you, you’ll be encouraged to give this strategy a try.

When Mars catapults into Gemini on August 20, it also moves into your third house of communication. As this occurs, you may find yourself gathering information that could help you generate more traction in money matters, too. Just resist the temptation to act on it so quickly; remember, Mars will be galvanizing this part of your chart for quite a while.


On August 20, as action-oriented Mars moves into your sign for its seven-month sabbatical, you may find yourself with an extra dose of energy. And for the rest of August, expect to feel like the very essence of vim, vigor, and vitality. You may also find yourself with a greater level of will, passion, and determination to go after what you desire.

Additionally, with your planetary ruler, Mercury, making a flowing trine to transformative Pluto on August 22, you could feel capable of unearthing hidden truths or buried treasures. Don’t hesitate to turn to your friends and family members, and ask any big questions you've been meaning to ask. You could access new information that’ll help you finish out the year feeling more empowered.


Because the Mars, Uranus, and north node meet-up activates your seventh house of partnerships, your relationship realm is poised for reinvention this month.

Single? Let yourself be surprised by the people to whom you find yourself attracted. Be open to random encounters and unplanned rendezvous, as you never know whose path you will cross. Partnered? Know that there exist great possibilities for something different, even with the same person, if you’ve found yourself bored lately. Talk to your significant other about how you might shake things up or make your relationship more exciting going forward.

As the month goes on, you could feel even more empowered to make changes on the relationship front. When Mars enters Gemini on August 20, it activates your eighth house of intimacy, pushing you to discover ways to more intensely connect with others and share the wealth of who you are and what you do. Your passions may be stoked, and sensuality could feel more accessible. This arena of your life holds great treasures, many of which you can expect to discover through mid-March.

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