These Are the 3 Zodiac Signs That Can Expect To Have an Extra-Lucky July

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Change is stirring in the cosmos as we move into a new month on the heels of a late-June new moon and Neptune stationing retrograde. And if there’s anything we could all use right now, it’s fresh energy. Thanks to several supportive transits by the sun in its prime season and the communication-centric planet of Mercury, we’ll all feel a bit more tapped into our emotions and ready to connect with ourselves and our loved ones. But for three zodiac signs in particular—Cancer, Leo, and Aquarius—these celestial shifts, among others, could bring on an especially lucky July.

Of special note is a mid-month union between the sun and Mercury in the caretaker sign of Cancer on July 16, bringing emotional intelligence to the fore. Given that both the sun and Mercury will also connect with compassionate Neptune and transformative Pluto over the following few days, we could all find ourselves super tuned into our feelings. But for Cancers and Leos, in particular, the empathetic vibe could feel extra poignant because this aspect is happening in Cancer, and it involves the sun, Leo’s planetary ruler.

For Cancers and Leos, in particular, the empathetic vibe this month could feel extra poignant.

Later in the month, as Jupiter gets ready to station retrograde on July 28, its energy of expansion and luck will be particularly powerful, increasing our desire for growth and learning and inspiring us to eschew limitations. The beneficent planet will also form a fortuitous trine with the sun on July 31, further motivating us all to expand our horizons and give into a little wanderlust—whether by embracing another culture, landscape, or belief system.

But for the lucky zodiac signs of Cancer, Leo, and Aquarius this July, there may be even more good fortune to come in light of these and other planetary transits. Below, find more cosmic background on why these three signs are the ones star-sanctioned to have a lucky July.

Here are the 3 zodiac signs most likely to have a lucky July and the astrological reasons why


You’re two for two, Cancer, as June was also likely a positive month for you. Not only is the sun in your sign for the first three weeks of July (which can generally make you feel in your element), but also, two other planets enter Cancer this month, lending their support.

On July 5, it’s communicator Mercury’s turn. And with that, you may find that more people are turning to you for your insights, advice, and counsel. When the planet later makes its union with the sun on July 16, your typically high level of intuition could also feel even stronger than usual—to the point where you're practically reading minds and hearts.

Come July 17, Venus, the planet of love and affection, also slides into Cancer. That could make the back half of the month a great time for gathering with loved ones, enjoying good food, great company, and a beautiful environment. In fact, a picnic under the stars this summer may very well be in your stars.


Your season is coming up this month, Leo. And that means it's naturally your time to shine. But even before the sun shifts into your sign on July 22, it's making moves that could bring you some good luck.

On July 10, the sun forms a supportive sextile with renegade Uranus, offering you an opportunity to be recognized for your ingenuity and inventiveness. Then, on July 16 and 17, the sun connects with messenger Mercury and numinous Neptune, activating both your mental capacities (prepare for new ideas galore) and your intuition. And, of course, once Leo season officially begins on July 22, you're bound to feel like your most Leo self—that is, surrounded by friends and loved ones who thrive on your energy.

And that's still not all: The Leo new moon on July 28 could set the stage for a new chapter in your life. Paired with the fact that the sun also makes a positive alignment with lucky Jupiter three days later, this new-moon energy could make the end of the month particularly fortuitous. It's a well-aligned time to set an intention for the rest of the year or put forth a plan for achieving a big dream or goal.


As a cerebral air sign, your mind is your magic—and when mind-oriented Mercury makes a harmonious trine to your traditional planetary ruler, Saturn, on July 2, you could find yourself particularly rich with ideas. Look for the emergence of an array of creative solutions to everyday challenges you may be facing. On July 10, those ideas could take on an unexpected or even delightful tinge, too, as the sun forms a supportive aspect with your modern-day planetary ruler, inventive Uranus.

All that said, your luckiest day this month could arrive on July 13, as it offers a dynamic duo of cosmic benefits for Aquarius. A positive sextile between Mercury and Uranus could highlight a new career path or direction to pursue that feels particularly well-aligned. And in the realm of your work, you could even find that family members lend you an essential hand when it comes to transforming a challenge into an opportunity. At the same time, a harmonious trine between tradition-oriented Saturn and affectionate Venus may remind you of just how loved and worthy you are.

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