These Are the 3 Zodiac Signs That Can Expect To Have an Extra-Lucky June

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As we emerge from the cosmic whirlwind that was May, with its full slate of turbulent transits, we can breathe a collective sigh of relief. The biggest reason? Mercury will end its retrograde cycle on June 3, wrapping up a period of time that's known, astrologically, to bring confusion and miscommunication. With that transit in the rearview, the messages that we’ve felt blocked from sharing may now feel polished, and the air generally seems to have cleared. Along with a few other transits, this cosmic shift will bring extra-positive energy for Taurus, Cancer, and Gemini—the three zodiac signs poised to have an especially lucky June.

Across the board, Mercury stationing direct may make it easier to access traction for ideas that you’ve been mulling over or give you more freedom to share your thoughts, feelings, and inspirations with others. But that effect may be particularly potent for Gemini, given Mercury is Gemini’s planetary ruler, and Taurus, thanks to the fact that Mercury is in the sign of Taurus when it stations direct.

The cosmic shift of Mercury going direct will contribute to an especially lucky June for Taurus, Cancer, and Gemini.

Another noteworthy transit arrives on June 11, when values-oriented Venus and innovative Uranus meet up, encouraging us all to shake up our patterns and even rebel. Being a renegade could seem to have higher value than usual during this time, which may be filled with things unexpected and perhaps even extraordinary—particularly for Taurus, which is ruled by Venus. So, allow yourself to be surprised, especially by yourself, when it comes to how you want to dress or with whom you’re interested in spending time.

That free-spirited energy leads us right into Cancer season, on June 21, which is also prime time for the water-bearing crabs of the zodiac to receive their own lucky break.

Below, find more celestial background on why Taurus, Cancer, and Gemini are the zodiac signs most destined for a lucky June.

Here are the 3 zodiac signs most likely to have a lucky June, and the astrological reasons why


When Mercury shifts out of retrograde, as noted above, it does so in your sign, Taurus. This could grant you a strong sense of clarity, especially given that the people in your life may seem more interested in speaking about subjects that matter to you. Throughout this time, and until June 22, Venus (your planetary ruler) is also in your sign, which gives you an additional spark of joy and ease. Be sure to lean into that power as June 11 rolls around, bringing with it the aforementioned Uranus-Venus conjunction and all its potential for unexpected changes.

Later in the month, two supportive transits from your Venusian ruler deliver a potential boost of creativity and positive inspiration to boot. First, on June 19, Venus makes a sweet sextile with poetic Neptune, perhaps inspiring you to be more artful and creative in your social-media posts or to seek out a community aligned with a humanitarian project that interests you. Then, on June 21, Venus forms a flowing trine to transformative Pluto, putting travel and the wider world on your mind. You could be inspired to do research for an upcoming trip, enjoy a meal featuring foreign cuisine, or watch a documentary on another culture.


Of the three zodiac signs destined to experience lucky transits in June, you may be the least surprised to hear it, Cancer. After all, June 21 is the summer solstice, which is a potent day for you every year, given it marks the start of Cancer season. It’s a day on which you can expect to feel totally in your element—so, it’s wise to schedule an activity that is really self-nurturing.

When the Cancer new moon arrives on June 28, you could feel inspired to embark upon a new chapter. Spending some time journaling on what you want to change in your life or how you want to grow could prove especially fruitful.


Mercury, your planetary ruler, is making moves all month long that up your chances for luck and good fortune. After stationing direct on June 3, gifting you with energy and hope for forward motion, the planet meets up with Pluto in a supportive trine on June 10 that could help you uncover a new solution to a problem that’s been stumping you. And that boost of intellectual energy and focus will only grow come June 13, as Mercury moves into your sign. Opportunities for interesting conversations abound, and you could find yourself leaning into that energy.

Later in the month, when Mercury forms a positive sextile with expansive Jupiter on June 20, you could feel energized and optimistic—like your bubbliest Gemini self. And as aesthetic Venus enters your sign on June 22, you can expect to receive a bit of extra sparkle, too, setting you up well to host a social gathering filled with good vibes.

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