Why Doing Sled Workouts Like Lucy Hale Is so Good for Toning Your Arms and Back

Power hour with my #wcw @lucyhale & @danieladibsoulcycle They crushed some seriouzzz shit today! ????

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Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale is no stranger to boutique fitness classes—she considers her regular spin sessions at SoulCycle to be near religious experiences and has been known to pose for sweaty selfies post Orangetheory HIIT workouts. But when a video of the celeb putting in some serious work at Studeo Gym in Los Angeles surfaced on Instagram earlier this month, it took her fitspo cred to a whole new level.

In the clip, Hale's seen hauling a weighted sled across a length of turf like it's NBD—which, according to her trainer Jana Finkbiner, it probably wasn't. "Lucy, is super fit, moves well, and is naturally athletic," says the fitness pro. "She does SoulCycle throughout her week and strength and conditioning at least once with me. She told me day one that she loves a challenge."

"She does SoulCycle throughout her week and strength and conditioning at least once with me."

If you're up for a fitness test, too, Finkbiner says the move is something anyone can do. "It's just a question of keeping correct posture and engagement, especially when that sled gets super heavy," she explains. The drill's not only taxing on the cardiovascular system, but also great for building strength and muscle tone in your back and arms.

To, ahem, pull it off, you'll need a sled, weights, and a rope. Stand opposite the sled and draw it toward you hand over hand. Or, to turn it into a more intense cardio workout, attach the sled to your body using a harness and tow it across the length of the turf at a sprint. "Add a 45-pound plate in addition to the weight of the sled, or for hard and heavy, add all the way up to body weight," Finkbiner suggests. "The heavier the sled, the less lengths you'll be able to complete (my turf is 25 meters) and the lighter [the sled], the more interval-based you could make it. For example, every minute on the minute for a total of 10 minutes, complete 1 push (25 m). Rest the remainder of the minute. I would use 70 lbs. for ladies, and 90 lbs. for men for that."

Just remember you're in it for the, er, long haul, so maybe pace yourself the first few times until you get the hang of it like Hale.

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