Our Favorite Pairs of Lug-Sole Boots to Buy Now and Wear all Winter

Fall wouldn't be complete without crippling stress about the holidays, apple cider, and new boots. If you're in the market for a pair of the latter, skip the sleek ones and turn to lug-sole boots, i.e. the thick, rubber indentations of the bottoms of shoes that look kinda like teeth and add grip and stability.

From a fashion perspective: “Lugs can make any look so much stronger and completely on trend,” says celeb stylist Dani Michelle, who works with Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, and Kristin Cavallari. She particularly likes them paired with an asymmetrical skirt to show off the depth and the height of the boot. Alternatively, they’ll add edge to decidedly non-edgy items like cozy knits and nap dresses.

Aside from being one of this season’s biggest footwear obsessions, there’s another very good reason to get on board with lug-sole boots: They're functional—you're gonna need that traction when it gets icy out. Not to mention the fact that their extra-thick soles provide the added support you should be looking for in a boot, according to podiatrist Jacqueline M. Sutera, DPM. "If you can practically feel the pavement pounding beneath your feet, you’re likely in need of a boost," she previously told Well+Good.

With that in mind, here are 7 pairs of lug-sole boots that are both functional and stylish

Madewell Then Citywalk Lugsole Chelsea Boot — $198.00

These classic pull-on boots come in brown and black, and have a super-comfy insole so you can spend hours on your feet pain-free. Our suggestion? Go up a half-size to make room for your thickest, coziest pair of socks.

Vionic Lani Combat Boot — $170.00

This moody suede burgundy pair was practically made for cottagecore antics. And you’d never even guess that they’re orthopedic! They’re also available in black and white.




Ganni Calf Leather Mid Chelsea Boot — $445.00

These chunky boots are made from recycled rubber and leather. The neon yellow stitching is a fun touch. (If you’re feeling extra bold they also come in bright yellow and olive.) Just know that they may need a little breaking in—I recommend wearing them while dramatically pacing your room and cry-singing All Too Well (Taylor’s Version) (10 Minute Version) for the 7,536th time.

Rebecca Minkoff Edie Combat Boot — $298.00

These are a good middle ground in terms of the chunkiness of their sole adding an updated element to a classic combat boot. The chain detailing also gives them just enough zhuzh to justify adding another pair of black footwear to your wardrobe.

Dr. Martens Vegan Jadon II Platform Boot — $200.00

The platform sole, two-tone finish, and deep red hue on this pair of Docs feel elevated, but like you’d still wear them while listening to angry girl music of the indie rock persuasion. Plus, they offer a bonus height boost that will come in handy whilst doing fall things like apple picking. They’re also available in black.


Timberland Lana Point Lace Up Boots — $140.00

If you’re not letting inclement weather prevent you from wearing heels, try this water- and stain-repellant pair. Bonus: They’re also incredibly comfortable. In addition to black, they come in tan and gray.


Reformation Katerina Lug Sole Chelsea Boot — $278.00

Yes, another pair of cute black boots—because whoever said variety is the spice of life clearly never anticipated that one week where everything on Twitter was cake—or 2020–present in general, for that matter. These pull-on ones from Reformation add edge without any clunkiness. (They’re also available in white.)

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