Lululemon and Gabby Bernstein Want to Guide Your Next Meditation

Photo: Lululemon
Lululemon wants to help you keep calm and not get your Wunder Unders in a bunch this Thanksgiving while visiting your family and doing all the other lovely holiday season things (that also make us crazy stressed). So they're launching "Breathe It All In," a five-part series of free guided meditations available through iTunes and Spotify starting today.

The guided meditations feature author, spirit junkie, and Well+Good Council member Gabrielle Bernstein, amongst other mindfulness experts. This all comes on the heels of the brand's new flagship store on Fifth Avenue in New York City, which is tricked out with a mediation studio.

According to Lululemon, "The campaign is about being the best version of yourself with the help of meditation and the power of your breath." Or, as Bernstein puts it in the intro to her five-count, Kundalini breathing exercise, the goal is to reduce stress and anxiety and "transform a moment of chaos into glorious calm," if for example, your in-laws arrive early or you accidentally burn the Tofurkey. (Been there.) To be clear: Leggings aren't required attire as you listen to the guided sequences...but they're a pretty amazing Thanksgiving outfit choice either way.

If you're a serious meditator here's how to upgrade your Zen den and how it might be affecting your dating and sex life.

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