The Lumen Metabolism Tracker Is Like Having a Nutritionist in Your Pocket

A lot of our habits have shifted in quarantine. Maybe you've become a jigsaw puzzle master, or a plant lady, or are suddenly a skilled enough baker to theoretically make it on The Great British Baking Show. If you fall in that last group, you may well have noticed that your dietary habits have changed during this time. And hey, that's cool—we're all entitled to our joy, and during this high-stress time, finding joy may look different than it used to. That said, you may still be curious about how your nutrition choices, whether shifted or not, may be impacting your health. Good news: There's a device that can help you with that—the Lumen Metabolism Tracker.

In the most recent episode of What the Wellness, host and producer Ella Dove tests out the tracker, a $299 device that's "basically like having a nutritionist in your pocket." But what, exactly, do you stand to gain from having insight into your metabolism stats? Well, put simply, optimizing your metabolism can lead to overall better health, so being able to track it can put you in the driver's seat of sorts, as far as your metabolism is concerned.

Improving your energy, deepening your sleep, strengthening your immune system and keeping blood pressure stable is all part of the package. In order to do this, the Lumen Metabolism Tracker seeks to address three questions: How is my body functioning? How have my habits affected me? What should I eat?

"Lumen provides you with a personal nutrition plan, which contains the amount of protein, carbs, and fat you should eat." —Michal Mor, PhD, Lumen co-creator

"Lumen provides you with a personal nutrition plan, which contains the amount of protein, carbs, and fat you should eat," says physiologist Michal Mor, PhD, co-creator of Lumen alongside her twin sister physiologist Merav Mor, PhD. "In order to help you to apply the recommendation, we also provide you with meal inspiration, which you can filter based on your preference, based on your allergy." And the more information you put into the system, the more it becomes more your meal plans become refined.

But how the Lumen Metabolism Tracker is able to provide these recommendations is what's particularly interesting. By taking three breaths through through your Lumen, your device measures your carbon dioxide concentration levels and is able to tell you if you're burning mostly fat or mostly carbohydrates. It's kind of vape-like in design, but instead crucially stands to level up your health, not compromise it using sophisticated technology that teaches you how to snack efficiently.

Whether it's something worth trying is ultimately your choice to make, but Dove walked away from the device with the profound feeling that the human body is "magical."

Watch the full video to see Dove's full journey in action.

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