The Total Lunar Eclipse Is Giving *Full Chaos* Just in Time for Election Day—Here’s What Astrologers Want You To Know

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If the cosmos has anything to say about it, full-scale upheaval is on the horizon. As the Earth throws its shadow over the full moon in the upcoming total lunar eclipse in Taurus on November 8, previously hidden truths are practically destined to come to light. Energetically, a lunar eclipse is like an extra-potent full moon, bringing big-time endings, revelations, and release. But according to astrologers, this lunar eclipse is bound to hit even more dramatically than a typical (already potent) eclipse might—and on midterm election day, no less—thanks to the tense celestial space it will occupy.

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In general, astrologer Susan Miller, founder of Astrology Zone, says that lunar eclipses are “the most dramatic tool that the universe uses to affect change and speed up timetables for necessary action.” The reason these alignments prompt such cosmic shockwaves has to do with our positioning in them. “While a regular full moon is an opposition between the sun and the moon, lunar eclipses put the Earth right in the middle of this opposition,” says astrologer Vanessa Hardy, “so the results are more tangible.”

“Lunar eclipses are the most dramatic tool that the universe uses to affect change and speed up timetables for necessary action.” —Susan Miller, astrologer

Eclipses happen in pairs—one solar (on a new moon) and one lunar (on a full moon) two to three times a year in opposite signs. And every couple years, they shift into the next set of signs. This total lunar eclipse in Taurus, following a partial solar eclipse in Scorpio, reflects the halfway point of the Taurus-Scorpio eclipse cycle, which began last November and will end next October. (As a result, people of these signs are likely in the midst of a major transformation.) “At this moment, the conversation and evolution between these signs is at its peak process,” says Hardy.

This could have pretty world-rocking ramifications given the core areas over which these opposite signs rule—comfort, love, values, and grounded Earth for Taurus; and transformation, death, rebirth, and emotional water for Scorpio. Not to mention, both Taurus and Scorpio are fixed signs, making them highly resistant to disruption and change, “and a lunar eclipse is definitely a marked change,” says Hardy. Translation: The shifts prompted by the total lunar eclipse in Taurus aren’t likely to be easy or comfortable ones to bear. Indeed, given that the north node (a point in the sky linked with destiny) will also be conjunct the moon in Taurus during the eclipse, these changes may even have a fated vibe to them, over which we can exert little control.

That friction will only be further magnified by unpredictable Uranus's simultaneous conjunction with the moon in Taurus when the eclipse goes down. “Uranus rules chaos, rebellion, independence, creativity, and innovation,” says Miller. “Uranus is electricity, the feeling of having two fingers in two sockets, and it’s directly opposite the sun.” This will inject an element of surprise to this election-timed eclipse, which will bring to the surface “something you might not even think possible,” she says.

Given the rest of the current celestial landscape, it’s clear that this total lunar eclipse in Taurus will leave no zodiac signs untouched, Miller adds. Not only is the sun (in Scorpio) at direct odds with the moon and Uranus (in Taurus), but also, the sun is flanked by Venus and Mercury also in Scorpio. And taskmaster Saturn, in Aquarius, is forming a tense aspect to both the Scorpio entourage on one side and the Taurus entourage on the other, Miller adds. Altogether, the planets involved here rule over eight signs: Taurus, Scorpio, Libra, Gemini, Virgo, Leo, Aquarius, and Capricorn. And even if you’re not one of these signs, “you have them on the cusp of one or two or three or more of the astrological houses in your chart,” says Miller.

The challenging influence of Saturn—a planet of realism and structure—on an eclipse marked by so much volatility isn’t to be underestimated, either. While Uranus is forcing change, Saturn is resisting it, creating a “seesaw effect that can be uncomfortable in the moment,” says Miller. As the eclipse comes to a head, the truth is going to come out, she says, “but even if it’s the truth we need to hear, it might not be the truth we want to hear right now.”

How the lunar eclipse could pan out on the political stage this election day

Because this total lunar eclipse in Taurus aligns with the midterm elections—a decisive moment for our collective safety and security (Taurean themes) and the fate of the country (a north node theme)—it’s worth considering the two in conjunction. And in case you couldn’t guess based on all the forecasted upheaval for the lunar eclipse, things aren’t exactly looking rosy for election day, either, from an astrological perspective.

“The energy of this eclipse is not favorable for an easeful and supportive expression of the democratic process.” —Vanessa Hardy, astrologer

“The energy of this eclipse is not favorable for an easeful and supportive expression of the democratic process,” says Hardy. She predicts that things might even move backward amid the shakeup. Just consider the fact that our 2020 election took place during a Mercury retrograde and also “an incredibly fraught and destabilizing astrological climate,” says Hardy, “and agreements struck during retrogrades tend to be subject to change.” Perhaps now is the time when that change will arrive, and “this original agreement could experience a shocking upset, especially considering Uranus’s influence on the moon,” she says.

The current Mars retrograde in Gemini isn’t doing us any favors in this department, either. “Gemini is the same sign that the fated north node was in at the time of the 2020 election,” says Hardy. And now, with the apparent backward motion of intense Mars in this sign, we could see regression or disruption around things that we thought were settled then, she says.

All of this chaotic energy, coupled with the fact that Taurus and Scorpio also rule over money and power, could manifest in lapses in election integrity, according to Miller. In turn, she suggests voting early or mailing in your ballot if you can do so. And on the day of November 8, carve out as much free time as possible to just rest. “Whatever you do, do not overbook yourself,” says Miller. “Clear your calendar because the last thing you need on November 8 is a hard deadline.”

Instead, surround yourself with “comforts, community, and self love so that you can comfortably let go,” says Hardy. And overall, lay low. The biggest rule to remember during any eclipse is to “respond rather than initiate,” adds Miller. This is not the time to start up a difficult conversation with a significant other, ask for a raise, or do anything else that requires asserting your personal agency.

Amid the turbulence, it’s also helpful to know that this is just one phase of a two-year evolution, as we move through the eclipses along the Taurus-Scorpio axis. Whatever topics were especially top of mind last November and in May, when the last Taurus eclipses occurred, could resurface again, and after this eclipse is over, these subjects “will advance to a more sophisticated level,” says Miller. But the process, as of now, could feel messy and uncomfortable.

The important thing to remember is that it is, again, a work in progress. “It’s almost as if the universe knows we can’t cover it all at once,” says Miller, “so we have to tackle it in pieces.”

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