The 4-Step Lunar Eclipse Ritual for Letting Go of Toxic Energy

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After a year marked by chaos—astrological or otherwise—seeing a lunar eclipse on the calendar is enough to send a shiver down your spine. And it makes sense: Some mystics find the dark side of the moon troublesome (which is why a committing to a lunar eclipse ritual like making moon water or charging crystals tends to not be recommended).

But that's not to say there's no positivity to be gleaned from a lunar eclipse. As transformational astrologer Corina Crysler points out, a lunar eclipse can shine a light on our shadow side, the pieces of ourselves that need to be acknowledged and released in order to evolve. So, doing a cord-cutting lunar eclipse ritual can actually be quite therapeutic.

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"This can be a rebirth in many ways, which is why I believe eclipses are associated with radical change," says Crysler. "This change can be something you've asked for and has some excitement around what's being manifested, or it can be something that you weren't expecting and hands you some challenges. It's important to remember that the challenges always present opportunity."

For example, take the November 30 lunar eclipse in Gemini, the witty and extra cerebral sign on the zodiac wheel. "It will unravel the matter of the mind, discernment, knowledge, and self-expression," says Crysler. "We can evaluate if we have been living in our fullest expression of ourselves." And along with that self-examination, we can take stock of what needs to be let go in order to become that fullest self. Below, Crysler shares a lunar eclipse ritual to guide you through this transit, and all those in the future.

How to conduct a cord-cutting lunar eclipse ritual

1. Create a sacred space

You don't need a full altar of magical tools to do this, but lighting some candles is recommended as part of your lunar eclipse ritual. Doing so allows you to honor the element of air and harness its powers.

2. Breathe

Next, take three to five minutes to connect with your breath. Go in through the nose for four counts, hold for six counts, and breathe out through the mouth for eight counts. Feel free to repeat for another three to five minutes.

"Try to connect to your pelvic floor on the inhale," says Crysler. "When you inhale, call air into your stomach and chest, and on the exhale, visualize what you are releasing—let it all go. Stick out your tongue, make noises, really physically release; this can be emotional release, as well. "

3. Write down what you're releasing

Maybe you're releasing toxic exes, pre-holiday work stress, negative self-talk, or those black sweatpants you've been wearing since March that now have a hole in the crotch. Whatever is energetically getting in your way and making you feel less than, release it. "Write down any energetic imprints that you want removed from your body, so you can fully express yourself," says Crysler."

4. Verbally cut your cords

Do you have limiting thoughts in mind? Now's the time to expel them with your words—and this is the script to use:

"I, [your name], declare to cut and remove all cords, oaths, contracts, promises and karmic ties, across all planes of time, across all dimensions and past lives that do not serve my highest good for this lifetime. I declare that any of these soul imprints what are not beneficial for my highest power become dissolved immediately into a space of love. Thank you." Repeat this until you feel sufficiently unburdened and as glowing as (non-obstructed) moonlight.

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