The Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius Is Also a Potent Supermoon—Here’s How It May Change Each Sign’s Life

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Eclipse season is upon us, and the first of 2021 begins with a powerful lunar eclipse in the fire sign of Sagittarius. Occurring on May 26th at 7:13 a.m., ET, it's also called a supermoon, nicknamed the full blood moon because of its bright red-orange hue, which visibly matches its powerful energy. Sagittarius represents our beliefs, the truth, higher knowledge, international matters, freedom, and expansion. Our beliefs heavily shape the reality around us, and this lunar eclipse in Sagittarius is initiating a portal of change and self-liberation for the next six months.

The lunar eclipse in Sagittarius is also a full moon, opposing the Gemini sun. What makes an eclipse more profound than a full moon is that it occurs close to the karmic north and south nodes, which have been in Gemini and Sagittarius since May of 2020. This kicked off the themes of this eclipse cycle, so it’s important to think back to the events and lessons that have occurred for you this past year, as this is a continuation of that story.

This lunar eclipse in Sagittarius is like an emotional release and can fuel our need to rebel against what is no longer serving us or reject outdated beliefs.

This lunar eclipse in Sagittarius is like an emotional release and can fuel our need to rebel against what is no longer serving us or reject outdated beliefs. The Sagittarius moon and Gemini sun form a mutable T-square with Jupiter in Pisces, giving way to a planetary alignment that brings change through tension and encourages perseverance in order to initiate personal growth. The Sagittarius moon and Jupiter in Pisces are breaking through old beliefs, while the Gemini sun is encouraging us to move towards our truth. Areas of life that are out of alignment will be glaringly obvious and can inspire you to change.

With Mercury, the planet of communication, also retrograde during this eclipse, it's important to practice patience, assess situations as fully as possible, and be realistic about what feels right to you. After all, the question the eclipse is answering is: What areas of your life are no longer serving you?

Eclipses affect us individually, and on different levels, depending on your specific sign. So below, discover what what the lunar eclipse in Sagittarius has in store for your sign and how to work with your energy during this time. (Don't know your sign? Run a free online generator like this one to check it out.) For a more holistic look at what you can expect, read your rising, sun, and moon sign.

What the lunar eclipse in Sagittarius means for your zodiac sign


The lunar eclipse in Sagittarius is affecting your beliefs and subconscious mind, Aries. A charged situation or hidden information can develop, pushing you to actively change what doesn’t feel right to you. The truth will set you free and guide you towards the life you deserve. You can also seek or give knowledge at this time by continuing your education, teaching a course, or developing your spiritual knowledge, for just a few examples.

Your self-care lunar-eclipse tip: Lead with what feels right for you at this time by checking in with your emotions. Take time for a silent meditation and allow your mind to check in with how you feel in this current reality. If in your current situation, you feel a pang of resistance, take note and be open to change in this area.


Your money situation is up for review, and structural changes are needed. The universe can present the opportunity to change how you earn your income, but this requires you to remove any fear that exists around you communicating your worth. Certain situations can push you to reflect on any areas of your work that are not in alignment: Where do you limit your personal power and allow others to dictate the amount you’re paid? Communication is key, and this is how you will shift your situation.

Your self-care lunar-eclipse tip: Self-love is deeply tied to money. We increase our magnetism to attract abundance when we radiate out love for ourselves. Scripting (the process of writing your desired reality in first-person) self-love affirmations and hanging them in a visible place is a powerful way to remind you of your worth and can empower your day.


This transit is extremely potent for you, as the Gemini sun plays a major part in the eclipse. Your limiting beliefs surrounding work or love relationships being highlighted. Have you allowed others to dim your light or not been true to who you are? This is a time when you can be pushed to break through the mold and change what is not working for you. Decide what’s right for you, and the right collaborators will come.

Your self-care lunar-eclipse tip: Many times, we want to change ourselves to fit the mold of others, but we don’t assess what it is that we truly want from partnerships. On a piece of paper split in half, write all the qualities you desire and then what you do not want. You'll gain clarity on who is a fit, and who is not so you can decide accordingly.


Your well-being and work are in the energetic spotlight during the lunar eclipse in Sagittarius. The moon is the ruler of your sign, so you are heavily affected by its cycles. Changes in your work routine can occur, and you can find yourself on new projects that require you to restructure your day. Some could also switch things up and travel for work or teach and share your wisdom on a broader scale. It’s important to note that the tendency to overdo it can occur right now, so also allow time to restore yourself. Health could also be a theme for you—the cosmos are encouraging you to prioritize rest.

Your self-care lunar-eclipse tip: Connect to your element of water with a spiritual bath or sea salt soak to provide for a quiet, meditative scene that allows you to check in with your emotions. As one of the most intuitive signs of the zodiac, you'll be able to reconnect back to your higher self to guide how you should shift your day.


Your creativity and long-term dreams are going through a transformation. A new endeavor or an idea could come through your contacts at this time, opening you up to a new realm of possibilities. The key is to own what brings you pleasure and to ask for support from your network. There also may be changes in terms of shared resources in a marriage or even fertility being a focus for some.

Your self-care lunar-eclipse tip: With new changes on the horizon, it’s a great time to think about the future. Since you are one of the most creative signs of the zodiac, tapping into the power of a vision board can help you consciously create what’s next. Where do you see yourself going after these shifts? Create a collage of images on a board of your choice, and choose visual representations of your desired future. Get specific with the universe in order to receive!


Your life path will be a focus for you during the lunar eclipse in Sagittarius. A significant work or love relationship could change at this time, and as a result, your home life could experience changes, too. You are also releasing ancestral patterns or old beliefs that have held you back from true fulfillment in your life path and career. Another way this could manifest is through new learnings within a romantic relationship, encouraging your personal growth.

Your self-care lunar-eclipse tip: Partnership can be complicated, regardless of whether it’s love or work. So first, work to know what you want and need, and then set that intention. During the eclipse, take time to journal and think about what you’ve learned during this eclipse cycle about yourself and others. Be honest with what you need and want. Use this as information to help navigate your situation.


You can experience an expansion and shift towards authenticity in your voice at work, and overall professional profile. Especially if you work in a communications field, your truth can be heard at a broader scale at this time. New projects can begin to expand your day-to-day schedule, but it comes with the growth you’re experiencing. This also can signal a change in your health routine, towards a more aligned direction for your wellness.

Your self-care lunar-eclipse tip: The voice is one of the most important energy centers responsible for crafting our reality. A practice like breathwork can encourage you to tap into your heart and strengthen your voice. Taking a class, or booking a session with a practitioner can be very powerful during this lunar eclipse in Sagittarius, so go ahead and empower your voice!


A change in your financial situation can occur for you. If you're married or share resources with a partner, this could shift, or there could be the focus on fertility. Another way this could manifest is a new creative endeavor could come your way and completely shift how you earn your money. This is a time of financial change and growth for you, but first you have to ask for your true worth.

Your self-care lunar-eclipse tip: Negotiation can be nerve-wracking, and the best way to navigate this is to honor any fear you may have surrounding this. One great practice is to always increase the price to a level that is uncomfortable for you. This will always cause a shift and level up your worth through this act.


The lunar eclipse is in your sign, making its energy even more pivotal for you. Eclipse cycles in your sign can initiate major life changes, personal growth, and a complete shift in who you are. This is a time when you can release limiting beliefs that have held you back personally and communicate your truth within work and personal relationships. Changes in your relationship status or home base can also be on deck for you at this time.

Your self-care lunar-eclipse tip: Change can bring stress, and so the best self-care tip for you is to engage in light movement or getting out into nature. If you can, during the intense eclipse, take a meditative walk out on the beach or wherever you can access nature. This is a great way to clear your mind and energy in order to move through the changes taking place.


Your work and health are changing with this lunar eclipse in Sagittarius. You can feel pressured to change old habits or find an entirely new way to work due to this. Putting your well-being first and communicating your needs at work is key at this time. A shift in mindset at this time is one of the reasons why you are evolving this area of life. You also may have some changes on your team at work.

Your self-care lunar-eclipse tip: Decluttering your workspace, home, and living areas can help support you in the busy energy of this time. Perhaps incorporating a practice like feng shui from an expert can help stimulate the flow of energy and positively help you.


An opportunity from a connection or someone you know can bring positive change to your income. While this can seem like an abrupt decision, it is the right move for you in the long run. This could be to work on a new project or creative endeavor that is more aligned with your truth. While exciting, ensure that you absorb all the information and make the right decision for you. Changes that occur can be for the long-term, and can contribute heavily to your personal growth.

Your self-care lunar-eclipse tip: Allow your innovative spirit to shine through. Your sign represents the future vision, so taking time to craft yours in a creative way can be empowering for you at this time. Sketching out your ideas, using paint and color, can all be helpful for inspiration. Tapping into your inner child is always a good way to remove any limitations you may hold on your ideas.


Your focus is directed towards the balance between home, family, and life path. The lunar eclipse is affecting those areas of life, and you may have to make some career changes to align with these shifts in your home life. Not only that, but you can feel the desire to change your life path to align with what you truly want in the future. This could be through continuing your education and releasing old beliefs surrounding what a “real job” looks like.

Your self-care lunar-eclipse tip: This can feel like an emotional eclipse for you, so taking the time to nurture yourself is important. Pisces needs a lot of alone time in order to do this. If you can, carve out time where you can read, journal, or meditate alone. This can help you recharge, reset, and bring clarity to where you want your life to go.

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