This Quickie Lunge Sequence From Ariana Grande’s Trainer Works Every Angle of Your Lower Body

Photo: Getty Images
When you're in a rush, being able to hit all the muscles in your lower body in one swift series is a solid time-saver. And being as busy as she is creating #girlpower anthems and Mean Girls-inspired music videos, it's no wonder Ariana Grande's trainer created a routine that provides maximum results in minimal time. (Something even she can't say "thank u, next" to.)

Harley Pasternak—who also works with Mandy Moore and Miley Cyrus—recently shared a quickie workout that has you, as he puts it, "lunging around the clock." Except this ticker provides a serious burn. Because of all the different variations of the move, you'll quite literally have worked every single muscle in your lower body every time you go through the series—and you'll especially be feeling it in your "legs, hips, and glutes," he says.

So, how do you reap the benefits? According to Pasternak, you'll be performing four basic lunges—including forward lunges, back lunges, side lunges, and curtsy lunges—on each leg in the order shown in the video above. It might not look super tricky, but both legs will certainly be feeling wobbly by the time you're finished.

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