After This Cozy-Chic Pullover Sold Out the First Time, I Regretted Not Buying It for Months—Don’t Make My Mistake!

Photo: Lunya; Graphic: W+G Creative
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A year ago, like many people, I pushed my high-rise jeans and non-stretch twill trousers to the back of my closet, swearing off “hard pants” for the foreseeable future. But as I took stock of my hodge-podge collection of college sweatpants and threadbare henleys (you know, the ones reserved for walking the dog and walking the dog only), it became clear that I needed a loungewear overhaul. These grease-stained sweatshirts were definitely not work-Zoom appropriate.

Faster than you can say “targeted Instagram ads,” I found myself on the Lunya website. Put plainly, Lunya makes seriously chic pajamas. On the brand’s website, founder and CEO Ashley Merrill (who is also the chairperson of Outdoor Voices’s board of directors) says that she was inspired to create her line of luxe, sustainable comfies after catching sight of her reflection while dressed in a “very oversized, very sad outfit” of her husband’s t-shirt and boxers. Don’t get me wrong—sometimes that threadbare tee is exactly what you want to be wearing. But, other times you have a video call with your boss.

In a sea of (washable) silk sets and breathable base layers, the Cozy Cotton Silk Waffle Henley immediately beckoned to me. The oversized fit looked perfect for snuggling up with a book and a blanket on a Saturday morning, but the collar and buttons made it easy to imagine French-tucking it into a pair of jeans for a more polished look. At $218, though, I didn’t immediately click add to cart.

With any item over $100, I give myself a mandatory waiting period before purchasing. If I’m still day-dreaming about the item in a week, I go ahead and grab my credit card. Sure enough, a week after spotting this waffle henley, visions of cozy cotton silk still danced in my head. I was ready to buy. Except—gasp—it was completely sold out. I might have silently cried while adding my email to the box that said “notify me when this product is back in stock.”

Reader, it would be months before the item was back in stock. But once it was, I bought the dang thing faster than I’ve every bought anything in my life. And I’m in love.

The fit: I wear a medium in most tops, so I ordered a medium here. The fit is decidedly oversized, which is what I was looking for. If you want something a little more fitted, you might want to consider sizing down.

The fabric: Lunya describes the garment’s fabric—its “cozy cotton silk”—by saying, “soft and breathable cotton is blended with a touch of luxurious and thermo-regulating silk for pieces that have zero-itch factor.” I literally couldn’t put it better myself.

The care: I have now machine-washed the sweater in cold water and laid it to dry on top of a drying rack a handful of times. It maintained its size, shape, and feel. Lunya recommends washing inside out and storing folded rather than hung in your closet in order to prevent stretching.

The henley is back in stock once again, but it looks like colors are already going fast. Don’t make my mistake.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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