I Can’t Leave My House in This Pullover Without Getting Compliments—And It’s Perfect for Spring

Photo: Lunya
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I have an Irish setter who I like to say is the best-looking member of my family. Everywhere she goes, people "oooh and ahhh" over her beautiful red coat and tell me that they haven't seen a dog like her in years. She's a novelty. A throwback. Something worth stopping and taking in for a second. And that's precisely how I'd describe the Lunya Restore Double Faced Pullover and Restore Double Faced Crew, which are so beautiful and versatile—with just enough of a nod to retro oversized hoodies—that everywhere I wear it, it gets loads of compliments. People want to stop and take it in and just oooh and ahhh at it for a second. I get it, and I do that myself before I put it on.

Lunya is a sleepwear brand known for making the best-of-the-best washable silk. They make sweaters and pajamas that are the kind of sweaters and pajamas you'd feel comfortable wearing on a Zoom meeting with your boss (as our Vice President of Content Abbey Stone, and my boss, wrote last year). While I've tried many products from the brand's assortment over the years, I'd never seen their Restore fabric—and it's kind of one of those magical fabrics that you don't want to miss out on when you're writing about comfy athleisure wear.

The fabric is made of a blend of Pima cotton and a modal sourced from natural beechwood fibers. This gives the feeling of the material a sort of soft-yet-stretchy touch that you'll want to have around your body pretty much 24-7. It also helps add an almost-knit texture to the fabric so that what could look like another sweatshirt is the sweatshirt that launched a thousand compliments. In addition to this, Lunya also infuses aloe and natural minerals into the fabric, which purportedly helps your body recover better. In other words, your sleep (or your eight-hour Netflix sessions/errand running/dog walking) will be aided by the fabric you're wearing.

So, I could stop here, and I'd still guess that you're about 70 percent convinced you're going to hit the "buy" button (seriously, you won't be sorry); however, there is more. Sweatpants to be exact (which I've also tried and whole-heartedly recommend). These sweatpants do not make your bottom half feel like it's being warmed by a heater—one trillion gold stars go to whoever figured this out—but instead, they just drape around your bottom half and keep you cool and comfy all day or night long.

Because, if the last two years have taught us anything it's that functional pajamas and sweaters are the future. Lunya seems to be the first to have figured this out—and wardrobes across the globe are better off for it. Our compliments.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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