These Shower Bombs Offer the Perks of a Long Bath Without Draining Your Time or Tub

Photo: Lush
While the idea of lounging in a warm, bubbly bath is great, there are a few different realities that get in the way of that happening: A) you #dontgotnotimeforthat, B) someone couldn't pay you all the money in the world to soak in your apartment's tub—one that no amount of scrubbing will ever make feel clean, and C) your bathtub is, well, non-existent. Whatever the case, you're in luck: There's an easy way to make your showers just as much of a stress-relieving oasis as baths—you just need a shower bomb. And Lush has you covered.

The company just released Lush Moods, a collection of new products that want to change your vibes and state of mind through aromatherapy. Aside from mouthwash tabs and bubble spinners (like a fidget spinner, except one that creates bathtime bubbles), there are also shower bombs that fizzle into a smooth mousse, essentially putting you in an essential oil-filled steam room. (Mmm, sounds nice.) Plus, you can wash with them, just like you would in the bath.

Right now, there are four different options for $3.25 each that are all vegan and cruelty-free: Koyaanisqatsi, which uses ylang-ylang to return anyone whose life feels out of balance to a state of equilibrium, Karma, which uses turmeric to cleanse and purify the skin, Sleepy, which has ultra-relaxing French lavender oil to help wind down those who shower at night, and Not Sleepy, for morning showerers who need a burst of energy from lemongrass oil.

Instead of setting the shower bomb down by the drain like other options, you use Lush's product by holding it right under the stream of water until it starts to expand, then you can use the foam to cleanse your skin. "The idea was to create a single use, full-experience shower product you can wash with. It's a formula that's nice on the skin, but gives a bit of spectacle in the shower," said the shower bombs' creator, Ale Commy, in a press release. Basically, it lets you experience what you love about baths in a less time-consuming, hassle-free way—so, any busy lady's self-care dream come true.

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