The Sheets at the Most Luxurious Hotel in the World Can Live on Your Bed

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There's something about curling up in a set of hotel sheets that simply feels more luxurious than rolling around in the ones you've got at home. They're always perfectly pressed, every spot on the pillow somehow feels cool, and they're so soft and perfectly crisp, that it's as if they were handwoven by angels.

But what you may not realize? A lot of the world's fanciest hotels happen to use the exact same sheets—which is why so many of them feel so dang good to lounge around in. So if you're all about that woke up in heaven feeling, it's time to snag the Frette Hotel Classic Sheet Set ($575, queen). Made with 100 percent Italian cotton percale, it will turn any bed into a cloud.

These sheets are renowned all over the world, and are a mainstay in glamorous locales like the Danieli in Venice, the Ritz in Paris, and the Peninsula in Hong Kong. I have been lucky enough to sleep on these sheets, and can honestly say that I understand why people are willing to invest $450-plus for the sake of a better bed. They're cool and crisp, which makes night sweats practically non-existent, but they're also so soft that I would have sworn I was waking up wrapped in a marshmallow. Snuggling with these sheets is what I would imagine it's like to snuggle with George Clooney, except better. Though, fair warning: While these sheets will make falling asleep an actual dream, they'll make getting up in the morning nearly impossible. They're that good.

Not only are these sheets score an A-plus pick as far as your sleep routine goes, but they're also great for your skin. Dermatologists suggest sticking with high-thread-count cotton (instead of synthetic fabrics, like polyester) for the sake of avoiding irritation—and these billowy blankets fit the bill. Be sure to wash them often—ideally once every other week—and reviewers suggest hanging them dry to avoid any wrinkles (cotton may be "the fabric of our lives," but it sure as hell is hard to iron).

Frette's sheets come exclusively in white (to add to the cloud-like effect), but you'll have the choice to add a subtle pop of color with either blue, khaki, or grey embroidery. And for what it's worth? White sheets don't necessarily have to translate to a boring bed. Design pros suggest mixing things up by layering quilts, piling on pillows, and playing with texture to create a serene vibe using non-white shades.

If shelling out half a month's rent on a sheet set isn't quite in the cards, you can score a similar—but more affordable—version online. West Elm 400 Thread Count Organic Cotton Percale Sheet Set ($150, queen) is made with similar fabric, and feel almost as cloud-like as the triple-priced version.

Since an actual vacation isn't quite an option right now, upgrade your sheet set so you can have the next best thing without leaving home. Breakfast in bed is optional, but encouraged.

Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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