These Lounge Tents Are a Chic Way to “Rough It”

Sure, 'gramming a bioluminescent beach might be #goals this wanderlust-heady season,  but honestly... is there anything better than a lazy summer's day spent lounging locally with friends, family, a significant other, or even just a good book? Not even glowing sand, IMHO.

You can still be Instagram-extra about these chill sessions, too. Rather than simply unraveling a beach blanket in the backyard—and then having to fight both the biting bugs and the scorching sun as you sip your jalapeño watermelon agua fresca—consider upping the ante with a backyard tent instead.

If you're the type, the benefits of this setup go beyond pest control and sun damage prevention, too. All that design inspo you spent the winter accumulating on Pinterest? This is your outlet. Depending on the size and style of the shelter you choose, you can turn your tent into a legit lounge by adding throw pillows and blankets, meditation poufs, lanterns, string lights, rugs, and even furniture into the mix. (Plus, all the crystals, of course!)

Plus, if your friends have one too many, erkombuchas to get themselves home at the end of the day, worry not; your tent can double as the perfect setting for stargazing and snoozing. And if midday through the summer you find yourself getting antsy for those aforementioned beachfront views, some tents may travel. Shop a smattering of styles below!

If you're wondering how to turn the indoors into the great outdoors, these planters can help and this is why we've reached peak plant mania.

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