Madelaine Petsch Says This Bold Red (Vegan!) Lipstick Helps Her Steal Every ‘Riverdale’ Scene

Photo: Instagram/@madelame
Anytime Madelaine Petsch makes an appearance on the CW show Riverdale as Cheryl Blossom—Petsch's character who's constantly scheming about something behind her signature red pout and underneath her cascading, fire-hued tresses—she pretty much steals the scene. So when Petsch recently took home the trophy for Scene Stealer at the 2018 MTV Movie & TV Awards, it came as no surprise to anyone who's ever caught an episode of the show (or even seen her defeat celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay in a vegan cooking contest).

When asked how her character is so successful in stealing scenes, Petsch shared her simple secret is one that all boss babes can copy in order to steal scenes in their daily grind: a "red lipstick and some sass."

But, when MTV host Josh Horowitz asked Petsch how her character is so successful in her attention-grabbing ventures, the actress breezily shared her simple secret, which is one that boss babes everywhere can copy in order to steal all the scenes in their daily grind: A "red lipstick and some sass," is all Petsch says she needs, Refinery29 reports.

And good news: Getting your lips on her signature shade of red doesn't have to be a guessing game of endless color swatches. The makeup artist for the show previously revealed to Refinery29 that the go-to tube for Cheryl is in fact Red Velvet Matte from vegan makeup company Lime Crime. And considering that a bold red lip hue free of animal-derived ingredients is especially tough to formulate, consider this award-winning-by-proxy variety an especially notable clean-beauty win.

Now that you're armed with the perfect lipstick and attitude to steal any scene in life, you can check out other beauty tips from the stars of Riverdale.

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