Madewell and Buffy Teamed Up To Create This ‘Comforter Coat’ So You Are Bed, Bed Is You

Photo: Madewell
This year has brought us many pairings we didn't know that we needed. Some were magical (Phoebe Bridgers and Maggie Rogers cover of "Iris" by the Goo Goo Dolls), some were straight out of Veep (Rudy Giuliani and Four Seasons Total Landscaping), and some were literal perfection (Harry Styles in a dress for Vogue). Now, we're blessed with the arrival of the year's coziest collaboration, and it's from an unexpected but delightful pairing of Madewell and Buffy.

Yes, the clothing brand and the sustainable bedding brand came together to bring us what I am affectionately referring to as a "comforter coat," along with a muffler, mittens, and an eye mask that all look like they were crafted out of marshmallows. The collection was inspired by the comforter-turned-coat that Madewell's head of design, Joyce Lee, crafted for herself while spending more time at home. The nine pieces in the collection come in a soothing, warm color palette and are filled with a warm down-alternative made from 100 percent recycled content.

The prices range from $25 to $258, and are available today. Shop the Madewell x Buffy collection below.

1. Madewell x Buffy Coat, $258

Madewell Buffy Coat
Photo: Madewell

Wearing this coat is like taking your bed with you everywhere you go. The couch? Now bed. The stairs you sit down on because you can't summon the will to keep moving? Now bed. The shower? Now bed. You? Now bed.

Shop Now: Madewell x Buffy Coat, $258

2. Madewell x Buffy Muffler, $55

Madewell Buffy Muffler
Photo: Madewell

I'm partial to the muffler in the pink color, because when you put this on it kind of looks like you're being strangled by the Bubba Gump shrimp mascot, but in a cozy fashion way.

Shop Now: Madewell x Buffy Muffler, $55

3. Madewell x Buffy Mittens, $45

Madewell Buffy Mittens
Photo: Madewell

My apartment has been freezing lately, and these puffy gloves are just what I need to stay warm and pretend that I'm back in Aspen on the slopes. (So, drinking. That means I will be drinking.)

Shop Now: Madewell x Buffy Mittens, $45

4. Madewell x Buffy Eye Mask, $25

Madewell Buffy Sleep Mask
Photo: Madewell

I used to hate wearing sleep masks because not being able to see immediately upon opening my eyes made me feel claustrophobic and afraid. Now I'm just like: whatever, darkness, take me. So, I will happily spend my money on this plush, comfy eye mask.

Shop Now: Madewell x Buffy Eye Mask, $25

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