Our Favorite Super Cozy Items from Madewell’s 70% Off Sale

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I thought my dopamine receptors were on a permanent hiatus, but then the Madewell winter sale came along and I realized that, while so many things have changed in the past year, my ability to derive temporary pleasure from online shopping has not. All the winter cozy things are on sale for up to 70 percent off. Think: coats, sweaters, and fleece. I went through all 900+ items on sale, and these were the ones I deemed coziest. (It was not an easy task.) The sale lasts until January 25th, but be warned: things are selling out fast. I can't wait to hear the dulcet tones of the UPS man knocking on my front door and yelling "UPS" while delivering my purchases.

Shop the coziest items from the Madewell winter sale:

1. Madewell (Re)sourced Fleece Quilted-Pocket Popover Jacket, $40

Madewell fleece jacket
Photo: Madewell

This will keep me cozy (and on-theme) during my Valentine's Day sojourn deep enough in the woods that there's no internet and I don't have to endure 7246 "this guy!" Instagram posts.

Shop Now: Madewell (Re)sourced Fleece Quilted-Pocket Popover Jacket, $40

2. Madewell Striped Evercrest Turtleneck Sweater, $25

madewell sweater
Photo: Madewell

I keep reading the name of this sweater as "EverQuest," which is a fantasy computer game from the '90s that my cousin and I used to play as kids. What I would give to go back to the days when I the only reason I wanted to escape reality was because my parents were fighting. What I'm saying is that this sweater is giving me a mild existential crisis.

Shop Now: Madewell Striped Evercrest Turtleneck Sweater, $25

3. Madewell Faux Fur Crop Coat, $100

Madewell coat
Photo: Madewell

Thanks to this coat, I'm starting a petition that all outerwear should be soft enough to methodically pet when you need to self-soothe after seeing someone wearing a mask below their nose.

Shop Now: Madewell Faux Fur Crop Coat, $100

4. Madewell Belmore Floral Sleeve Pullover, $40

Madewell daisy sweater
Photo: Madewell

My brain as I'm looking at a cute sweater with flowers on it: During the Black Plague people would carry small bouquets of flowers, called posies, because they thought they would help ward off sickness. (I'm fine, everything's fine!)

Shop Now: Madewell Belmore Floral Sleeve Pullover, $40

5. Madewell Slipper Socks, $10

Madewell fuzzy socks
Photo: Madewell

Recently a boy told me that part of my allure is that I'm a hot mess. Uh, I'm sorry, but would someone who is a hot mess own these very practical and now very affordable slipper socks? I don't think so.

Shop Now: Madewell Slipper Socks, $10

6. Madewell Reversible Quilted Scarf Jacket, $80

Madewell quilted coat
Photo: Madewell

I am typically quite unprepared for important events, but this is the year I leave that behind. I'm starting by purchasing this jacket. I'm going to need the right outfit in the event that I inherit a stable of gorgeous Friesian horses from a long-lost relative, but the only way to keep them from the clutches of a despicable man is for me to learn dressage and win the county's annual competition. (It turns out it was all a misunderstanding and we fall in love.)

Shop Now: Madewell Reversible Quilted Scarf Jacket, $80

7. Madewell Fleece Baseball Trapper Hat, $15

Madewell fleece hat
Photo: Madewell

"Jared Leto wearing a trapper hat and tank top" is the type of chaotic energy I'm channeling this year.

Shop Now: Madewell Fleece Baseball Trapper Hat, $15

8. Madewell Wool Texting Gloves, $7

Madewell texting gloves
Photo: Madewell

So you don't have to choose between warm hands or doomscrolling when you go on your daily walk in order to force your body to absorb some vitamin D.

Shop Now: Madewell Wool Texting Gloves, $7

9. Madewell Eastbrooke Turtleneck Cross-Back Sweater, $30

Madewell turtleneck
Photo: Madewell

The crossover back of this turtleneck provides much-needed ventilation for people who can never decide if they're hot or cold. The material is also super snuggly.

Shop Now: Madewell Eastbrooke Turtleneck Cross-Back Sweater, $30

10. Madewell x Buffy Muffler, $15

Madewell Buffy muffler
Photo: Madewell

This muffler both looks like and feels like a piece of fluffy comforter is wrapped around your neck, and if that isn't a mood.

Shop Now: Madewell x Buffy Muffler, $15

11. Madewell (Re)sourced Fleece Quilted-Pocket Popover Jacket, $40

Madewell fleece
Photo: Madewell

Why yes, this is the same jacket as the first one but in a different color. I thought that was important.

Shop Now: Madewell (Re)sourced Fleece Quilted-Pocket Popover Jacket, $40

12. Madewell Fulton Pullover Sweater, $25

Madewell gray sweater
Photo: Madewell

My grandmother taught me everything I know about shopping, and two of her cardinal rules are "never pay full price because things always go on sale" and "you can never have too many gray sweaters." So basically, even though I am wearing a soft light gray sweater as I type this, I also need to buy this this one otherwise it would just be disrespectful.

Shop Now: Madewell Fulton Pullover Sweater, $25

13. Madewell Huston Pull-On Pants, $30

Madewell drawstring pants
Photo: Madewell

How did we ever wear pants that didn't just pull on? Like, I used to fully walk around in high-waisted rigid denim. Now I consider leggings "tight pants."

Shop Now: Madewell Huston Pull-On Pants, $30

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