This Is the Kitchen Staple That Madonna Swears by for Glowy Skin

Photo: Instagram/@madonna
Just because Madonna has a skin-care line that retails at Barney's for, well, not a low price, the queen of pop isn't against a little home beauty remedy.

Take, for example, the singer's affinity for taking an anti-inflammatory bath in basil (yes, really). Now, Madonna has revealed yet another all-natural beauty treatment that she swears by.

According to a recent interview with Refinery 29, the star is a big fan of honey (much like Kourtney Kardashian is). When asked the weirdest beauty secret she has, she responds: "I'd say honey—not Manuka honey, just regular honey."

Madonna says that she puts it on her face, but not as your typical DIY face mask. "You put it on your face and let it get really sticky," she explains. "Then you do this thing with your fingertips to pull the skin up, which [temporarily] plumps the skin."

So you sort of give yourself a semi-massage to add to the antibacterial, soothing, and moisturizing benefits of honey itself. Next time you use the kitchen staple in your beauty routine, look into the mirror, and vogue. (Er, you know, plump your skin up and dance to Madonna while channeling her own skin secrets).

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