Like a Wellness Maven: 4 Ways Madonna Keeps Her Health Shiny and New at Every Age

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No material girl knows how to express herself quite as well as Madonna, who somehow manages to roll out jam after jam in decade after decade, earning her an A+ in all things self-care, and—of course—doing it all in vogue. And thus, what better way to wish the reigning Queen of Pop a big HBD for her 60th than by rounding up the artist's all-time best healthy hits?

Between travel workout hacks and naturally blissful bath rituals, here are some of the many ways Madonna keeps her ray of light shining on at every age.

Check out 4 healthy self-care practices from Madonna.

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1. Wherever she roams, she packs her gym in her suitcase

Keeping up with your normal sweat regimen while on vacay can be rough. Unless you're Madonna. The superstar's trainer is known to pack a gym bag full of the equipment she needs to boss her normal workouts—whether she's selling out Madison Square Garden or vacationing in the south of France. (You know, just a day in the life.)

2. She's always up for new career challenges

To add to her already impressive résumé of being a musical artist and an actress, the cultural supernova is also set to direct an upcoming MGM film about Michaela DePrince, a Sierra Leonean soloist for the Dutch National Ballet who grew up as an orphan during the Syrian civil war. The film, based of a memoir, will help Madonna spread a vital message:  “We have a unique opportunity to shed light on Sierra Leone and let Michaela be the voice for all the orphaned children she grew up beside. I am honored to bring her story to life," she said in a statement back in March.

Basically, you're going to want to pre-order your tickets for this one.

3. Natural beauty solutions are her MO

Although Madonna does have her own top-of-the-line skin-care products, she isn't above reaching into her pantry for a little DIY action. She's admitted to using honey for a sticky, anti-inflammatory mask that she massages onto her face to pull off dead skin cells and leave a nice, plump finish.

To make your skin even brighter, combine the honey with avocado for a hydrating boost of vitamin E and antioxidants.

4. She knows how to chill, holistically 

Instead of boosting her bath with the natural all-star known as Epsom salts, Madonna opts to soak in a decidedly green alternative: basil. Even if you never considered pillaging your herb garden for the sake of some H2O-me-time, keep in mind that doing so pumps your tub with the adaptogen's anti-inflammatory superpowers. Bonus: It can ease your muscles and, delightfully, also smells like Tuscany.

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