3 Magnesium-Rich Drink Recipes That Help Promote Restful Sleep and Hydration

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As soon as the temperatures drop, you may find yourself feeling extra parched—and every part of your body is suddenly rough to the touch (dry hands, dull hair, chapped lips... you get the picture). That’s because, contrary to popular belief, dehydration can happen even when it’s freezing cold outside and your body is sweat-free.

"Exposing your body to cold weather will typically make it [dehydrated], so your body needs to filter out more blood than usual. As a result, you'll find yourself having to pee more often," says Aleece Fosnight, MSPS, PA-C, medical advisor to Aeroflow Urology, previously shared with Well+Good. This can lead to “cold-induced diuresis," aka a process the body initiates to keep you warm and stave off hypothermia. Not to mention the fact that it’s fairly common for us to forget to keep our water bottles close without the motivation that is summer's sweltering heat.

One way to keep dehydration at bay is by enticing your tastebuds with a thirst-quenching and deliciously refreshing drink like an agua fresca (a Mexican drink made with water and fresh fruit), a homemade nut milk, or a smoothie—and better yet if they're packed with magnesium-rich ingredients (like avocado, pumpkin seeds, and chia) that will help induce a sense of calm around this high-stress holiday season.

On today’s menu, we have a list of delicious magnesium-rich drink recipes that’ll keep you well-hydrated and help promote a good night’s rest all winter long.

3 magnesium-rich drink recipes to promote restful sleep

magnesium rich drink recipes agua fresca
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1. Honeydew Avocado Agua Fresca

This honeydew avocado agua fresca recipe by Veggiekins is made with five simple ingredients: honeydew melon, avocado, lime, sparkling water, and matcha powder. It has a vibrant green hue and tastes like sunshine in a cup—which is very much welcome on a dreary cold day. Aside from how delicious it is, this simple drink (that comes together in a blender) is packed with loads of nutrients, too.

By now, you know avocados are one of our all-time favorite ingredients. And while we love them for making savory dishes like avocado toast, they’re also great for adding rich creaminess to sweet smoothies and agua frescas. The fruit is packed with fiber (about 14 grams per avocado), healthy monounsaturated fats, and boatloads of magnesium (which can help you fall and stay asleep). Magnesium can also help the body better absorb vitamin D and can improve cognition and reduce stress.

Meanwhile, honeydew is a super hydrating fruit with tons of nutrients like vitamin C (more than 50 percent of your daily needs per serving) and potassium (more than 10 percent of your daily intake). Plus, it also contains electrolytes, which is why this drink is perfect for sipping on after a rigorous workout sesh. The recipe developer, Remy Morimoto Park, also adds a pinch of matcha powder that’s packed with L-theanine, an amino acid that can help increase your body's levels of serotonin and dopamine, as well as decrease the stress hormone cortisol.

Get the recipe: California Avocado Agua Fresca

magnesium rich drink recipes pumpkin seed milk
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2. Pumpkin Seed Milk

Of course, we love non-dairy alt-milks to splash into our coffee or for making rich, creamy oatmeal. However, homemade pumpkin seed milk, like this one by Clean Eating Kitchen, will give your classic favorites (like almond and oat milk) a run for their money. The four-ingredient recipe calls for ingredients like pumpkin seeds, Medjool dates, sea salt, water, and vanilla extract and takes approximately 20 seconds to make with the help of a high-speed blender. Most importantly, this vegan milk recipe is loaded with one of the foods packed with the most amount of magnesium: pumpkin seeds. For every one-ounce serving, pumpkin seeds have about 156 milligrams of magnesium, which is roughly 37 percent of the recommended daily intake.

Get the recipe: Pumpkin Seed Milk

magnesium rich drink recipes peanut butter smoothie
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3. PB&J Smoothie

This PB&J smoothie recipe by Minimalist Baker is next-level. It’s a refreshing new take on a classic childhood favorite made with magnesium-rich ingredients like chia seeds and peanut butter for a hearty pick-me-up to sip on any time of the day. Plus, this drink features a homemade strawberry chia compote for a beautifully swirly effect. (Don’t forget to make extra for spreading on toast throughout the week.) And for that magnesium boost, the recipe has two all-star ingredients loaded with the rest-inducing nutrient: chia seeds (which have about 111 milligrams of magnesium per ounce, or 26 percent of your daily needs), and peanut butter (which has about 49 milligrams per two tablespoons).

Get the recipe: Next-Level PB&J Smoothie

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