This $20 Magnetic Spice Rack Solves Your Tiny Kitchen Storage Problems

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Clutter is a part of life, especially when you live in a small apartment. Take my kitchen, for example: Every cupboard is completely filled from top to bottom with everything from canned goods to adaptogens. But out of everything I've managed to pack in there, keeping my spices organized has become the biggest problem.

As someone who loves to cook, I have just about every spice you can imagine. Finding enough storage for all the little jars is a nightmare. Even though I have a trusty bamboo step shelf organizer to keep them as organized as possible, I ran out of space a long time ago—which is why my next Amazon purchase is going to be this genius $20 magnetic spice rack that attaches to the wall.

The stainless steel wall base can be hooked up anywhere in your kitchen and installed in seconds. Then you just need a batch of magnetic spice jars to go with it. After you fill them up with your favorite spices, your kitchen basically becomes a stunning art display of different colors and textures. And putting everything away is a cinch.

The thing I'm the most excited about, though? Being able to open my cupboard without having to duck out of the way of a full-on avalanche of spice jars. It's the little things.

Here's why you'll want to save room for turmeric on your magnetic spice rack:

Before you add your spices to your shiny new wall rack, you might want to pop them in the freezer first for one very disturbing reason. And if your spices tend to expire before you use them, here's how to combat the problem.

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