One of the Biggest Astrological Turning Points of 2019 Is Happening This Week

If you got a jolt of energy during last week's particularly fertile moment for making new things happen, consider this week the sequel—on steroids. Astrologer Jennifer Racioppi explains why Mercury's movement into Aries is one of the biggest energy shifts of the entire year. Plus: what to expect from the "pink" full moon this week. 

The upcoming watershed week brings a full moon in Libra (the second full moon in Libra in a row), Mercury finally exiting Pisces (Mercury traveled in Pisces for an extended period due to his retrograde cycle), and the sun’s entrance into fixed earth, Taurus. Yes!

In addition to all of this, too, the week begins on Monday with Venus, the planet of love and beauty (which, like Mercury, is also preparing to exit Pisces and enter into Aries on Saturday, April 20) making a harsh angle to Jupiter, known as a square.

With Venus squaring Jupiter on Monday, ask yourself this: Is your desire for growth in harmony with the values that guide your life?

Jupiter just went retrograde last week, and his apparent backward spin asks you to consider if you want that thing you are working so hard to acquire. Venus’ brush up with Jupiter underscores this even more. Add to the equation that week begins with a waxing Virgo moon (Virgo is the sign of the editor) and clearly, the cosmos are asking you to edit where you are allocating your life force energy. There’s no need to throw good money after bad. It’s okay to bow out, especially if it’s not working—even more so if you don’t want that thing you’ve been chasing. Remember "No!" is a complete sentence. If it’s not working, let it go!

Mark your calendars: April 16 is one of the biggest days of 2019

On Tuesday, we hit a major turning point in the year. Mercury officially leaves its retrograde shadow on April 16 (the retrograde shadow is a retrograde hangover when Mercury revisits the part of its path that he traveled while retrograde)—and then enters into Aries. This is a huge deal and will concretely arrive with a tangible impact.

Think about it this way: Mercury has traveled in Pisces since February 11—that’s a long time for this fast-moving inner planet to spend in the mutable water sign of the fish. And finally, after this abnormally long time in watery Pisces, it now moves into take-charge, make-it-happen, cardinal-fire Aries.

After an abnormally long time in watery Pisces, Mercury now moves into take-charge, make-it-happen, cardinal-fire Aries.

What does this mean exactly? Mercury rules our communication, and Aries is the sign of action. With the sun currently in the sign of movement for just a few days longer, Mercury starts to catch back up with the sun and brings with it a heavy dose of inspiration, and urgency to GO! (Like, now.) Mercury stays in Aries until May 6, and at this time we can get a lot done. Now’s the time to take action, especially when it comes to what you learned in March when Mercury traveled retrograde. (It's been so slow, and deeply emotional, and now the focus shifts into the opportunity to take initiative on all that you learned.)

Good Friday's "pink" moon (which won't actually be pink)

On Friday we have the second full moon in Libra—the first one happened last month on March 20—and it's rare to have back-to-back full moons in the same sign. This 29-degree pink moon (as April's full moon is known, in reference to a type of pink wildflower that blooms this time of year—not any rosy lunar hue) is happening at 7:12 a.m. on Friday, two days before Easter Sunday. (Easter always occurs on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the equinox—and Passover always begins on the night of that same full moon.) While these religious holidays happen in sync with full moons, this year they align precisely with the same full moon on Easter weekend.

Like Passover, which celebrates liberation from freedom, and Easter, which commemorates rebirth, tap into the power of this full moon to rise in your own life. From an astrological perspective, this full moon happening in the sign of the scales conjoins Uranus while squaring Pluto, indicating that it’s asking you to get crystal clear about what’s disrupting your homeostasis so you can let it go. How apropos for these holidays that celebrate eternal luminosity!

From an astrological perspective, this full moon is asking you to get crystal clear about what’s disrupting your homeostasis so you can let it go.

Remember, the week begins with a waxing moon in Virgo and Venus squaring retrograde Jupiter, and with the full moon wrapping up the work week, after Mercury finally leaves Pisces, now’s the time to surrender. What’s no longer serving you? What becomes possible if you give up the fight? This can be a limiting mindset or workaholism, and perpetually chasing that thing that you don’t need or want!

Come Saturday, the sun enters into Taurus, while Venus moves into Aries, heralding another massive cosmic switch-up. The sun in Taurus asks you to nourish and nurture yourself in a way that feels exceptionally good to you. Venus rules Taurus, and with Venus now in Aries, she’s instigating you to take charge of your life. What do you have to lose?

Jennifer Racioppi is the creator of Lunar Logic—a philosophy that integrates the deep wisdom of both science and spirituality, and blends her expertise in astrology, positive psychology, and women's health—to coach high-achieving female entrepreneurs to reach their next level of success. 

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