This 3-Second Hack Will Make Your Beauty Products Last a Full Extra Week

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There are certain skin-care products in my regimen that I diligently use until the very, very, very last drop (sup, P50?!). So it's a dark day when I get to the bottom of these beauty cabinet MVPs... kinda like when you're down to the last bite of your cauliflower gnocchi, or your workout studio runs out of the weights you wanted to use. You feel me?

So you could imagine my utter glee when I came across a subthread on Reddit's Skincare Addiction site that reveals just how to get more uses out of your just-about-finished beauty products. The secret hack? Cutting your product open, which works with pretty much anything as long as it's in a tube. Case in point: My coworker admitted that he's done it with his toothpaste, and wound up getting a full-on two extra weeks outta the stuff.

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"Always cut open products that come in tubes to get the most out of it," the Redditor writes. "I get at least two day's worth of products by using a mini-spatula and small container. Makes the cheapskate in me beam with pride." All you need is a pair of scissors. Depending on how much serum or moisturizer or SPF (or toothpaste!) you have left, you could definitely milk it and make it last anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks longer than you originally imagined—just be sure to squeeze the pieces back together for storage to make sure the product stays safe from the environment. Slather the remains wisely, and you'll save yourself some cash and a trip to the beauty store.

If you're unsure, here are the expert-approved skin-care application rules of layering and the order your products go in. For product inspo, these are celebrity's favorite drugstore beauty products to add to your regimen ASAP. 

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