This $9 Shower Solution Will Make Shaving at Least 900-Percent Easier

Photo: Getty Images/Deagreez
Should you opt to shave your legs, you're all too familiar with the body contortions involved in reaching the satisfyingly smooth finish line. So, if you're beyond over a hair removal routine that feels more like a sudsy stretch class, this $9 shower solution might soon be the MVP of your cleansing routine.

Meet the Changing Lifestyles Safe-er-Grip Foot Rest, the shower accessory that (true to its name) changes lives by offering a convenient ledge upon which to perch your foot so that you can shave without forward folding. Does it sound straight out of an early morning infomercial? Absolutely. Do I care? Not at all—unless it's a two for one deal! According to the product description, you can mount this device on any tiled surface, and it's even angled to swaddle the arch of your foot so that you can easily keep your balance. A few Amazon reviewers have complained that the foot rest can be slippery, so make sure your shower is 100 percent dry before adhering the product.

If you're trying to cut down on your plastic consumption, other smart shower inventions will serve the same noble purpose. This classy option ($63) is made out of brass, and this bamboo folding stool ($26) doubles as a leg up when you can't quite reach the coconut flour hiding on the top shelf of the pantry. Really, no matter which option you choose, ridding your lower half of all prickliness will be easier than ever.

After you're done with your seamless shaving routine, don't forget to clean your belly button (seriously, don't). And check your favorite moisturizer for this all-important ingredient.

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