6 Ways To Repurpose Your Lip Products Now That You’re Wearing a Mask All the Time

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Now that our days are largely spent either sitting at home or out in the world with masks on, our usual lip products have been rendered obsolete. After all, what's the point in using them if no one (aside from your coworkers on Zoom) will be seeing them? But instead of letting your favorite glosses, sticks, and balms gather dust in the back of your beauty drawer, makeup artists have plenty of ways to repurpose them so that they're actually getting the air time they deserve.

We chatted with the pros to come up with six different ways to put your lip products to good use when you're wearing a mask. Scroll through to see what they had to say.

Experts In This Article
  • Ashley Victoria, A professional makeup artist based in New York City who has worked with brands like M.A.C. Cosmetics and Rimell London
  • Katey Denno, celebrity makeup artist, green beauty expert, and ambassador for Credo Beauty

1. Red or orange lipstick as color corrector

Prepare to have your mind blown: According to celebrity makeup artist Katey Denno, you can swap a red or orange lipstick in place of a color correcting concealer. If you've got fair or olive skin, use a peach-pigmented shade, and if you've got a deeper skin tone, opt for something orange. The warm tones will help to balance any purple undertones (think: under-eye circles), and even out your complexion to create a clean canvas.

2. Lip gloss as eyeshadow

Glossy lids are one of the easiest Instagram beauty trend to recreate IRL (they require a far less steady hand than say, a cat-eye), and you don't even need to invest in a new product to try the look for yourself. "One of my favorite tricks to do with lipstick and lip gloss is to apply them to the eyes," says makeup artist Ashley Victoria. "You can put a wash of any lipstick on the lids for an easy look, then you can top it off with a transparent gloss with sparkles or just clear to create a glossy lid." Don't want a bold color? Just use the gloss on its own for a cool, wet look on your lids.

3. Lip liner as eyeliner

Believe it or not, "Lip liner can also double as eyeliner," says Victoria. "I use lip liner on the eyes to map out the shape I’m going for." Just be sure to limit your lip liner use to your lids, and not your water line, since the products technically aren't formulated for use around the eyes.

4. Lip balm as a highlighter

For a highlighted look that's simple and shimmer-free, swipe your cheeks or brow bone with your favorite tube of lip balm. It will give your skin a dewy, natural-looking finish that catches the light in all the right places.

5. Lip balm as a brow gel

No brow gel? No problem. Slather a spoolie in lip balm and use it to tame unruly brows by brushing the hairs exactly where you want them. Thanks to most balms' waxy properties, they'll stay in place all day long.

6. Lipstick as a blush

Chances are, you've probably already tried this one, but it's such a makeup artist favorite that it feels worth mentioning.  "You can apply it using your fingers or use a kabuki brush to apply the lipstick to the apples of your cheek and blend out," says celebrity makeup artist, Lauren D’Amelio. You'll love the subtle swath of color it leaves behind.

Want some more quarantine makeup tips? Peep the video below. 

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