How To Get an Eyeshadow-Only Look That Will Spark Dozens of Compliments in 2 Minutes Flat

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Suffice to say that masks have had a major impact on our beauty routines over the course of the past year. Not only have they introduced us to "maskne" (what fun!) but they've also rendered our lipstick collections pretty much obsolete. Although putting on a full face of makeup might feel, well, pointless RN, there are still plenty of ways to play, using nothing more than a dusting of eye shadow.

"We're going to see more people in their daily lifves really pump up their eye makeup because you can't see their expression on the lower part of their face," says Romero Jennings, the director of makeup at M.A.C. "And I think we're going to see more people wearing glitter in the daytime." The good news? Tomorrow, M.A.C is announcing the release of its first-ever plant-based glitter palette—Biobrilliant Glitter Eye Shadow x4to help people add a little extra shine into their daily lives. The formula is ultra-pigmented but can be used sparingly to create a subtle sparkle on your lids. It's also packed with squalane for a smooth, long-lasting application.

Jennings says there are three key ways to work with glitter. One pro-tip to keep in mind, no matter what method you choose? "Use a bit of mascara to really frame the eye," says Jennings. "It opens and frames the eye by attracting people's eye to the darkness of the mascara so that they're not looking at any redness, irritation, or dark circles around your eyes." Swipe on your mascara, apply your glitter, and you'll be good to go. 'Tis the season for shimmer, after all.

Working glitter into your beauty routine can be admittedly intimidating—at best, it winds up all over your bathroom, and at worst, it makes you look like a disco ball (and not in the good, Taylor Swift way). As an entrée into the world of glitter eye makeup, Jennings suggests taking a neutral shade—like the gold or champagne shadow from the M.A.C Rocket to Fame Palette ($40)—and lightly dabbing it on your lids.  Then, take your finger and swipe it back and forth to evenly distribute the pigment. Take a step back to see if you want to add more, then repeat the process slowly until you've achieved your desired effect.

For a look that's guaranteed to launch a dozen compliments in your next zoom meeting, repurpose your glitter eyeshadow as a liner. Use a small brush, like the M.A.C 242 Synthetic Shader Brush ($28), to swipe the product across the lid. This will create a slight highlight above your eye, which will draw people's attention up and help make you look slightly more awake and a whole lot more glamorous.

If you want to show off your sparkle in a totally new way, migrate your glitter eyeshadow up to your eyebrows. Using the same small brush you'd use to apply glitter eyeliner, lightly dust the product into your brows the same way you would a brow powder.

Want to create a full face that will pop on your next Zoom meeting? Follow along with the tutorial below. 

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