8 Essentials for Creating a Supercharged Latte (In Your Own Kitchen)

What does a window seat for people watching, an expertly poured caffeine-filled beverage, and peak productivity have in common? If you answered coffee shop, you are correct.

The whole purpose of leaving your space to head to your local spot is to experience a coffee-snob-level of flavor and efficacy that'll kickstart your day—and very little comes close to the feeling of crushing all your tasks while sipping from a trendy mug.

But the downside to nonstop trips to your second home? Time and money: two things we could always use more of. That's why we joined forces with Walmart to round up eight essentials for whipping up barista-level coffee, lattes, and even that one extremely complicated order you save for Fridays—all while keeping a safe social distance (as in, not leaving your kitchen).

Once you stock up on these latte-enhancers, feel free to play obscure indie music that's weirdly too loud and secure your spot at the tastiest and coziest coffee shop on your block.

Keep scrolling for all the essentials you need to start making coffee at home the barista-approved way.

Handheld Milk Frother, $43

A latte isn't a latte until you add extra frothy milk to the mix. This easy-to-clean (and operate!) handheld frother works with both hot and cold milk, and has a comfortable grip handle in case you need some extra caffeinating throughout the day.

Anchor Hocking Ceramic Canister Set, $23

If your current coffee corner lacks organization for all your delicious add-ins, you need accessories that are both useful and easy on the eyes. Mix it up with these ceramic canisters that you can fill with sugar, cinnamon, chocolate, or any other tasty topping you want. Making coffee at home is already starting to feel like the real thing.

Keurig K-Cafe Single Serve K-Cup Coffee, Latte and Cappuccino Maker, $220

Calling all at-home baristas: This maker offers a triple threat of coffee, latte, and cappuccinos. Plus, it has a cold setting for frothed milk, so you no longer have to choose between enjoying a hot or iced bev—you can always have both. 

making coffee at home

Caso Design Crema Magic Electric Milk Frother, $54

Yes, you already have handheld frother checked off, but what if you get a hand cramp or just want to feel a little bougie? Go for this electric milk frother that has a double layer non-stick coating and auto shutoff so you never burn the milk—as well as a transparent lid so you can see your milk in action. (Let's get frothing, y'all.)

making coffee at home

Better Homes & Gardens Porcelain Cappuccino Mug Set, $18

Making coffee at home usually means you're stuck drinking out of the one mismatched mug you find in the dishwasher. Introduce some new porcelain to your cabinet with these 16-ounce durable beauties that are microwave- and dishwasher-safe, so you can start up a fresh, WFH collection.

making coffee at home

Ethical Bean Fairtrade Organic Coffee, $10

The real joy of having someone else brew your morning treat is the unmatched flavor and strength of the espresso or coffee itself. And with these organic, whole coffee beans, you'll get a full-bodied taste that blends perfectly with your milk of choice.  Not to mention, Ethical Bean uses only Fairtrade, organic beans so you're doing a solid for your productivity and the planet.

Mr. Coffee Automatic Silver Burr Mill Grinder with 18 Custom Grinds, $54

You've got your beans, now what? Allow your favorite scent to infiltrate your home with this automatic grinder. With one touch, you'll have freshly ground coffee beans in only seconds. Plus, you can choose from 18 settings to grind your coffee—from very fine to extremely course—until you figure out which level best suits your morning cravings.

Weston Home Kitchen Cart, Dark Brown, $200

For your kitchen to really step up as your own personal coffee haven, it needs proper storage. Instead of pulling an HGTV-level renovation, opt for this industrial-style cart, so you can stow away your larger tools at the bottom (like your latte maker), with your not-as-bulky coffee necessities toward the top. Bonus: The top tray is removable, so you can enjoy your brew in bed or at your desk without the risk of spilling.

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