The 8 Healthiest Items on Mandy Moore’s Wellness Résumé

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Mandy Moore is basically America's cool big sister. As a musician, she helped us get through the ups and downs of our teenage years anytime "Candy" blasted through the speakers. Then as an actress, she's shown what true love looks like on multiple levels, whether it's through Jamie and Landon in A Walk to Remember or Rebecca and Jack on This Is Us. And she doesn't skimp on the life lessons, either (there's a reason I have CBD oil on hand whenever I wear heels).

Even though Moore is known as an actress and singer, "wellness guru" should be listed on her Wikipedia page, too. Despite her busy schedule, she's racked up quite the healthy-living résumé by creating the ultimate high-vibe home, training to climb impressively high mountains, and figuring out the ultimate hacks for living her best life on the go.

Here are the 8 healthiest items on Mandy Moore's wellness résumé.

1. She stores her face masks in hotel minibars

Moore is a big face mask fan—especially when she travels. And what better way to soothe post-flight skin than chill them in your hotel minibar before using them? "When I travel, I do that before I do anything else. It makes them so refreshing," she says.

2. Her home is a straight-up wellness oasis

Once you see Moore's high-vibe home, you won't forget it. The bright and open mid-century modern space is filled with copper and brass accents, blush-hued dinnerware, a cozy forest-green velvet bedroom wall, and an outdoor pool overlooking the Pasadena mountains. NBD.

3. She always has coconut oil on hand

If you've ever wondered how Moore always has such a glowy complexion, it's all thanks to coconut oil. "It’s the first thing I slather on my entire body when I get out of the shower," she says. "I carry around a tiny jar of it in my purse and I’ll put in on my cuticles or use it as lip balm. You can find it pretty much anywhere, and I think of it like a universal salve."

4. She climbed Mount Kilimanjaro

Moore's had one item on her bucket list since she was 18: climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa's tallest mountain. And last year, she did it, basically inspiring the entire world to go after their biggest dreams, too. (And she took a much-needed digital detox in the process.)

5. She uses CBD to make her heels comfier

Everyone has dealt with pain from wearing sky-high heels. It happens. To make them more comfortable, Moore has a sneaky hack: harnessing the powers of CBD. Before putting them on, she rubs CBD oil on her feet—something that was recommended by her stylist.

6. She's more into JOMO than FOMO

Everyone needs time with their friends, but Moore will be the first to admit she enjoys nights in much more than nights out. "We need to eliminate the FOMO component of life. Whatever the opposite of FOMO is, that’s what I have," she says. "I have a fear of not getting enough rest…a fear of going out, or something." JOMO for the win, always.

7. Her wellness diet is mostly mental

Sure, Moore eats healthy. But the most important part about her diet is taking care of her mental health. "I love myself so much more—or I care less—than I did in my 20s," she says. "I’m taking care of myself, mentally especially. I’m outside, I’m getting some vitamin D, I’m hiking, I’m feeling connected and grounded, I’m going to therapy. All of that stuff factors into my life so much more than, like, What do I eat? I don’t stress out about that stuff."

8. She busts stress by chatting with her girlfriends

Okay, okay—even though she loves staying in, time spent with her girlfriends is crucial. Especially when it comes to fighting off stress and anxiety. "I'm a big proponent of talking it out. I feel better when I’m allowed to just have a conversation with a girlfriend to get some perspective," she says. "Just to have someone there as a sounding board I find really important—it’s encouraging and makes you feel less alone."

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