Mandy Moore Stores This Beauty Product in Her Hotel Minibar—Here’s Why

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Mandy Moore isn't too fussy about her skin-care routine. When she's traveling, her list of essential beauty items is pretty short (much like Angelina Jolie's). According to Allure, she prioritizes sunscreen and hydration, but there's one thing she always does the second she gets to her hotel room, and it involves stashing her face masks in the minibar. (Because: of course.)

Instead of just applying a mask at room temp, you can refrigerate it beforehand to at once help soothe post-flight skin and also constrict blood vessels to reduce puffiness. Plus, it feels fantastic: "When I travel, I do that before I do anything else. It makes them so refreshing," Moore said. And a dermatologist even confirms that chilling them is a good method.

"It’s a mini spa treatment you can do even when you're super busy and on the go."

Moore is a fan of Garnier SkinActive MoistureBomb sheet masks, but no matter which you prefer, New York City–based dermatologist Libby Rhee, DO, FAAD, tells me that chilling ’em can help you get some extra benefits beyond what the active ingredients already provide. "It’s a mini spa treatment you can do even when you're super busy and on the go," she says. "Think chilled cucumbers to reduce under-eye puffiness: The cooled gel—or other vehicle of the mask—can instantly reduce inflammation and help to further decrease redness and puffiness."

So, do as Moore does and use your minifridge for the important things: face masks and as many kombucha bottles as you can possibly fit.

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