March Wellness Horoscope: The Luckiest Domain of Your Life This Month, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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If you’ve had your eyes on the stars lately, you might’ve caught wind of some major planetary transits on the cosmic forecast for 2023. And that all starts right about now: Not just one but two of the biggest astrological shifts on deck this year will happen in March—namely, Saturn moving into Pisces on March 7 and Pluto shifting into Aquarius on March 23. (Talk about March madness.) That, plus an array of other planetary movements will have your March wellness horoscope feeling like a full-court press to learning and personal growth.

Because both Saturn and Pluto are generational planets (aka outer planets whose slow movements drive generational change), their shifts into new signs in March will kick off a lengthy phase of change lasting several months. With Saturn in Pisces, we’ll see Piscean topics—like dreams, imagination, and all things spiritual—be subjected to rigid Saturn’s tough love, inspiring difficult reality checks. And with Pluto in Aquarius, we’ll see transformative Pluto’s upheaval arrive in Aquarian arenas of science, technology, and social communities.

Different planetary alignments this month offer each zodiac sign an opportunity for positive evolution, whether in love, career, intimacy, or another realm.

But before this wild ride really takes off, we’re all given the chance to personally prepare for change in March. Different planetary alignments this month offer each zodiac sign an opportunity for positive evolution, whether in love, career, intimacy, or another realm. To learn which domain(s) of your life will get the biggest boost from the cosmos in March, read on to find your monthly wellness horoscope for both your sun sign (aka the sign indicating your core identity) and your rising sign (the sign that reflects how you orient yourself in the world).

March 2023 wellness horoscope for every zodiac sign


The symbol for the aries zodiac sign, which resembles a ram.

Wellness boost: Self-development

There’s a coterie of celestial action in your sign this month, Aries. Love-oriented Venus and expansive Jupiter unite in Aries on March 2, and by mid-month, communicative Mercury is there, too, having its own meet-up with Jupiter on March 28. All this signifies an opportunity for you to deepen your identity and sense of self this month. You’ll gain further understanding as to the value you bring to others and learn how to spark conversations that elevate your self-worth.

Lucky days: March 2, 19, 28


Wellness boost: Health

March is a month that offers you powerful healing potential, Taurus. This begins on March 2 when your planetary ruler Venus unites with lucky Jupiter. Tap into your intuition or explore ancestral patterns to discover ways to release stress. When Venus enters Taurus mid-month and then makes a supportive sextile to structured Saturn, you could find that group activities are essential to you feeling your best.

Lucky days: March 2, 16, 17


Wellness boost: Friendships

As your planetary ruler Mercury charges into Aries on March 19, it lights up your 11h house of friendships and community engagements. And between March 26 and March 28, it also unites with both healing Chiron and lucky Jupiter. With that, take advantage of opportunities to have healing conversations with those in your circle. This could be a salve for recent upsets and may also provide you with ideas on how you can join forces for social good.

Lucky days: March 19, 26, 28


Wellness boost: Career

Both the spring equinox on March 20 and the Aries new moon on March 21 activate your 10th house of career, bringing you new awareness to goals you want to pursue. Consider exploring how pioneers in your field have embarked upon their paths and see what you can learn from the ways that they made progress and achieved success.

Lucky days: March 20, 21


Wellness boost: Sex & Intimacy

"Sexy" and "sultry" take on new meaning for you in March with your planetary ruler, the sun, shining in your house of intimacy for several weeks. When it makes a connection to revolutionary Uranus on March 6, be open to thinking about and making love differently than usual. Then, on March 17, as the sun unites with messenger Mercury—with an intense square from action-oriented Mars—channel your needs into words, and let the sparks fly.

Lucky days: March 6, 17, 20


Wellness boost: Health

As the month begins, and your planetary ruler Mercury unites with rigid Saturn, make a commitment to up-level your well-being; considering a no-nonsense approach to your health can pay off in spades right now. As the month unfolds, see how inviting others to participate in your wellness activities could make them more fun and enriching. Indeed, you might also find that joining forces with a friend for your fitness can save you both money.

Lucky days: March 2, 27


Wellness boost: Love & Relationships

It may be music to your romantic ears that in March, your wellness horoscope yields good news for relationships and the joy to be found therein. As your planetary ruler, love-oriented Venus, unites with lucky Jupiter in your seventh house of relationships on March 2, your interest in being social—and others’ interest in you—could expand. Use this day to set your intentions for your love life, and then be open to seeing new ways that it may flourish when originality-inspiring Uranus connects with Venus on March 30.

Lucky days: March 2, 30


Wellness boost: Love & Relationships

On March 23, one of your planetary rulers, Pluto, will begin its multi-year foray into groundbreaking Aquarius. Before it does, however, it makes some lovely connections with Mercury (on March 18) and the sun (on March 20). These days can offer you transformative realizations when it comes to ways to communicate your love and affection. Open your heart, and don’t be afraid to express your romantic side.

Lucky days: March 18, 20


Wellness boost: Love & Relationships

Sure, Valentine’s Day was last month—but your March horoscope has hearts written all over it, Sagittarius. The month starts off with your planetary ruler Jupiter joining forces with love-oriented Venus. Talk about a great day for a date, whether with a love interest, a friend, or even a child who brings you joy. When Jupiter has a tete-a-tete with Mercury on March 28, you’ll be even further able to tap into new ways to say, “I love you.”

Lucky days: March 2, 28


Wellness boost: Love & Relationships

This month, you may find yourself becoming increasingly clear on how you prefer to receive love and affection. This feels notably true around March 17 when your planetary ruler Saturn forms a harmonious aspect with Venus. Later in the month, when Saturn creates a flowing connection with desire-oriented Mars on March 30, don’t be surprised if you find yourself more comfortable asking for what you need from a partner or friend.

Lucky days: March 17, 30


Wellness boost: Home

Your home could bring you great reward this month, Aquarius, if you remember that your creativity is one of your strong suits. As messenger Mercury aligns with Uranus, one of your planetary rulers, on March 11, a DIY project could save you money and open your eyes to a unique talent. Near the end of March, when Uranus unites with beauty-inspiring Venus, your particular approach to your living space could prove even more fulfilling.

Lucky days: March 11, 30


Wellness boost: Self-development

“To thine own self be true” may be quite the powerful mantra for you this month, Pisces. Mid-March, as Neptune unites with both the sun and Mercury in your sign, you may find that taking steps to align with your intuition and artistry can help you further recognize and embrace the beauty of who you are. Also, take note: With structured Saturn entering Pisces on March 7—and staying there for two-plus years—you’re embarking on a lengthy period during which investing in yourself will really pay off.

Lucky days: March 16, 17

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