The Essential Oils Marie Kondo Uses to Infuse Her Rooms With Joy

Product recommendations from Marie Kondo are to be trusted, since the extreme minimalist, author, and organizational expert famously only keeps items that spark joy.

As it turns out, essential oils are, well, essential for Kondo. In an interview with Motto, a Time-affiliated website that focuses on sharing advice from experts, the tidying-up expert shared she uses certain oils to unwind as well as aid concentration. One she likes in particular is Kuromoji, a Japanese wood essential oil. "I use it before I sleep to make me really calm," she says.

Lavender helps Kondo relax, and mint is her go-to for when she's working on a project and needs a 3 p.m. boost.

Kondo adds lavender also helps her relax, and mint is her go-to for when she's working on a project and needs an energy boost. (No one is immune to the mid-afternoon slump, folks).

So, professional hoarders among us (myself included): Consider this permission to stockpile your favorite blends. But, in the spirit of healthy minimalism, maybe just pick one chic diffuser to keep your healthy-home's essential-oil game peak Kondo status?

Just getting into Marie Kondo's methods? There's an app that makes it much easier and a way to bring the organization magic to your suitcase packing.

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