5 Marie Kondo–Approved Hacks to Spark Joy in Your Life Through Organization

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Are you ready to get organized? Well, there's really no better person to look to for advice than the queen of tidy: Marie Kondo.

The guru often posts hacks on Instagram to help her followers spark joy through organization, and some of her ideas are super-easy to manage. Not looking to overhaul your entire Zen den? Start small! Even if that just means jotting down your goals or learning how to fold your clothes the right way.

Try these 5 Marie Kondo–approved hacks for the happiest (and tidiest!) year yet.

1. Start a bullet journal

If you're a visual person, it might be beneficial to save a page in your bullet journal to write out your organization goals. By jotting down your tasks in their order of importance to you and laying out exactly what you want to accomplish, you'll likely get to the finish line faster and more effectively.

2. Tidy your workspace

Nothing good ever comes from working amid a mess. Just try concentrating among piles of clothes and stacks of papers. When you have a clean and organized place to work, the creativity and ideas start flowing—especially when you "fill [your workspace] with things that inspire you," writes Kondo.

3. Fold with purpose

How often do you just sloppily fold clothes and shove them into your drawer? (Hey, same—don't worry.) Kondo says there's a very specific way to fold clothes that will keep you organized, stress-free, and happy: "When folding your clothes, send love through your palms; they will appreciate your warmth after a day's work, and they will also stand upright easier when you straighten them out."

4. Create a spark-joy sanctuary

According to Kondo, your home isn't just a home: It's a restorative sanctuary where you can relax and be totally at peace. Declutter your space and organize your shelves, your drawers, and beyond to keep the energy—and joy!—flowing in your urban oasis.

5. Label your pantry

When your kitchen and pantry are organized, life seems a lot less chaotic. You have room to cook and create, which in turn helps you stay healthier. It also saves you money, preventing you from buying yet another jar of coconut oil after mistakingly thinking you were out.

Article originally published on January 8, 2018. Updated on May 25, 2018.

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