How To Choose an Extra-Lucky Wedding Date, According to Numerologists

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Picking a date for a once-in-a-lifetime event can come along with a certain fate-sealing vibe, even for those not so spiritually inclined. And choosing a wedding date is no exception, especially given the ways you might later reminisce on this day as the symbolic starting point for a new chapter of your life and your relationship. It’s for that reason you might turn to numerology, a spiritual system that assigns real-world significance to numbers, in order to pinpoint a particularly auspicious marriage date.

In numerological terms, you can figure out the energetic vibration or particular vibe of any date by simply adding up all the numbers within it, as in M+M+D+D+Y+Y+Y+Y, says numerologist Jasmine Wolfe. And if you get a double-digit number (which is likely), she says, just add those two digits together, so you get a singular number between 1 and 9.

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Each of those numbers (1 through 9) form the basic building blocks of numerology, holding particular meanings. For example, 1 is a number of individual self-expression, whereas 4 is linked with family, roots, and security, says Wolfe. So, in the case of a date with a number that works out to 1 (with the above math), you could expect related themes of individualism, and on a date associated with the number 4, you could anticipate a vibe of planning or laying a foundation.

“The date you get married is incredibly important since it will set the tone for the marriage.” —Jasmine Wolfe, numerologist

Using this logic of certain dates carrying particular vibes, it becomes clear why your marriage date in numerology could play a spiritual role in how the day—and perhaps, by extension, the marriage—unfolds.

Why your wedding date can hold particular numerological significance

“The date you get married is incredibly important since it will set the tone for the marriage,” says Wolfe, describing your marriage date in numerology as a kind of life-path number for your relationship. (In numerology, your life-path number is a number between the digits of 1 and 9 that you calculate based on your birthday, and that reflects a core part of your personality, almost like a sun sign in astrology.) The idea? Numerologically speaking, your marriage could take on a certain personality that reflects the vibe of the date you choose to wed.

For example, Wolfe suggests getting married on a date that “adds down” (per the above math) to an even number—2, 4, 6, or 8—all of which reflect some component of balance and harmony. Though the date 2/22/2022 actually reduces to the number 3, it was likely such a popular date for weddings because of the almost un-ignorable energy of 2 (a “number of relationships,” says Wolfe) running throughout it. In terms of future dates, however, examples of dates that align with the above recommendations would include 6/11/2023 (6+1+1+2+0+2+3=15, which reduces to 1+5=6) and 11/8/2023, which reduces in the same fashion to 8.

Using this math-plus-meaning framework, Wolfe also suggests against getting married on any date that works out to a 1, 5, or 7, given that 1 represents individuality and independence; 5 represents change, chaos, and freedom; and 7 represents truth-seeking “and has more of a lone wolf vibe,” she says.

How to calculate your marriage number in numerology

Eager to get even more specific? To identify which kind of number date might be most fortuitous for your wedding, in particular (e.g., any date that reduces to, say, 3 or 6), you can also do a little math using both your and your partner’s birthdates to calculate something called your “marriage number” in numerology. “To do that, you’ll need to add each of your life-path numbers together to get a number that reflects both of you,” says Kamlesh Trivedi, numerologist and astrologer at the Nebula app.

As a refresher, your life-path number is just all the numbers in your birth date, added up until you get to a single-digit number, in the same way that the dates above are reduced to a single digit. From there, if yours was a 9, for example, and your partner’s was a 7, to get your marriage date, you’d add those together until you got to a single-digit number once again (here’s the math: 9+7=16, and then 1+6=7). “In this case, the number 7 would prove auspicious for a wedding date,” says Trivedi. That means you could look for dates that have a numerological number of 7 (aka dates whose numbers reduce down to 7 using the above math), or, to keep things simple, you could choose to marry on the 7th of any particular month, he says.

In this school of thought, matching the date to you and your partner’s marriage number is more likely to bring luck than simply choosing a date for its numerological vibe, in and of itself. (That’s why Trivedi still suggests choosing a 7 date in the above example, despite the fact that, as you might remember, Wolfe recommends against 7 dates for marriage.)

Overall, the wedding date you choose is just as personal as your relationship and marriage itself—and if there’s a date that seems to call out to you, or that includes a number that’s brought you luck in the past, you’d be just as wise not to ignore that spiritual sign.

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