With Mars in Aries for the Next 2 Months, Astrologers Say It’s the Perfect Time To Go After What You Want

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If you've been extra tired these last few weeks, with no idea what the culprit could be, perhaps you should look up at the stars, because there are a few possible astrological explanations for your grogginess. But with Mars in Aries May 24 through July 5, that all might change, given the transit might provide a much-needed burst of energy. Mars is the planet of physical energy, passion, drive, and sexual needs, and it rules over self-starting Aries, which values being first and is quite ambitious. Since Mars is right at home in Aries, this is the placement where it does its best work, and astrologers agree the effect could be that the coming weeks are the perfect time to go after what you want.

“It feels like we're already at the ready, set, and we're just sitting here waiting for somebody to call 'go.' That’s Mars in Aries.” —astrologer Ryan Marquardt

Whenever a planet is in its home sign, astrologers say that the planet is “exalted,” meaning it functions optimally. And, in addition to Mars in Aries putting forth this "follow your gut" energy, three other coinciding transits may boost similar vibes to take life by the horns (but in specific ways):

  1. Venus in Aries on May 28: With the planet of love and beauty in Aries, feel empowered to be forthright with a crush of yours.
  2. Jupiter in Aries on May 29: Jupiter is the planet of luck and expansion, which means it’ll magnify the energy of Mars in Aries.
  3. Mars sextile with Saturn on June 27: Since Saturn is the planet of structure, it might be helpful in being more strategic as opposed to impulsive.

“When Mars gets into Aries on the 24, it's literally like all systems go,” says astrologer Ryan Marquardt. “It feels like we're already at the ready, set, and we're just sitting here waiting for somebody to call 'go.' That’s Mars in Aries,” he says.

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Keep reading to learn more about how the specific cosmic happenings during Mars in Aries each encourage you to reach for the stars.

3 specific transits supporting the go-getter Mars in Aries energy

1. Venus in Aries on May 28

Yes, Venus is the planet of love, beauty, relationships, and finances, but because Mars will be home in Aries, Venus will have to do its job under the spontaneous energy of Mars. “This transit is really sweet for sex, libido, and spicy relationships,” says Marquardt. “It's kind of like ‘burn fast and bright,’ so it might be better for hooking up versus trying to foster a new, long-term relationship,” he adds.

Moreover, says astrologer Maria Sofia Marmanides, “when a planet is in Aries, people may be more prone to taking action versus being receptive or passive.” So, if you have a crush with whom you’ve been trying to flirt, this particular transit is encouraging you to go for it, says Marquardt.

2. Jupiter in Aries on May 29

“Jupiter will be answering to Mars because Jupiter's going to be in Aries,” says Marmanides, adding that the planet of luck and expansion will essentially make Mars function on overdrive.  “I think this is one of the biggest transits of the year,” says Marquardt of the powerful placement. “There’s just this bombastic energy to it, which is super auspicious for new beginnings in all areas of life.”

On May 29, it’s possible you’ll feel extra headstrong, not wanting to back down from any challenges because you have that magnified self-starting energy. “Even if you don't see solutions, you're like, ‘I'm just gonna charge ahead anyway and make this happen,’” Marquardt adds.

However, this energy could very much go to your head, making you feel invincible. To avoid coming off as pompous, try to ensure that you’re assessing all options and acting with strategy. Luckily, you’ll get support from adulting-planet Saturn on June 27.

3. Sextile with Saturn on June 27

A sextile essentially means that planets are interacting with each other to cause a positive spin. “On June 27, Mars will sextile Saturn,” says Marquardt. “This is really good because Mars is a very quick, impulsive energy, and Saturn’s like ‘Slow down.’ So this is about taking action on something that you want to work out for the long-term, because Saturn rules long-term time.”

Marquardt adds that this transit might encourage you to launch a business if that’s something that’s been on your to-do list. Whatever goal you want to achieve, though, June 27 will be a good day to start going after it. “You'll be able to take that strategic action, and it's got the energy of endurance,” says Marquardt.

Of course, you’re a human being with free will who can pursue your goals as you please. That said, if you’ve been timid in your pursuits because you’re unsure of how they’ll turn out, Mars in Aries—supported by the three aforementioned planetary conjunctions—is here to say: "Everything will work out in your favor. All you have to do is start."

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