This Mars Retrograde May Feel Like a 3-Month Mercury Retrograde—Here’s What To Expect for Your Sign

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Mars, the planet of action, is stationing retrograde in Gemini October 30, where it will remain until January 12, 2023. In astrology, retrogrades mark slowdowns and revisions. And with this specific retrograde affecting the planet of action (named after the ancient Roman god of war, no less), the theme will be “cease-fire.” But, it may feel similar in effect to an infamously chaotic Mercury retrograde transit.

In our natal chart, Mars is reflective of how and where we take action in life. More broadly, Mars in our sky focuses on our action plan as a collective, highlighting how both strategic moves and inactions will come into focus. But, keep in mind that Mars is stationing retrograde in Gemini, the Mercury-ruled sign that governs communication in media and our local communities. If this energy cocktail sounds eerily similar to a Mercury retrograde to you, you wouldn't be totally off base.

Mars is stationing retrograde in Gemini, the Mercury-ruled sign that governs communication in media and our local communities.

With Mercury retrograde cycles, we can expect scrambled communication in our texts and travel plans alike. This forces us to wait for clarity. With Mars retrograding in a Mercury-ruled sign, expect communication to lack momentum and maybe a “doubling down” Gemini effect. This fuels collective stories of digging heels in, retaliations or, on the positive side, "light bulb" moments.

With that in mind, read on for the best strategy for your sign to make the most of this Mars retrograde in Gemini. Check out your sun, moon, and rising signs to get a holistic look.

What the Mars retrograde in Gemini has in store for your sign, according to an astrologer


When your ruler is retrograde, it’s a perfect time to observe an opposite approach to your natural energy pattern. For action-oriented Aries, this would be a good time to mend fences or explore new hobbies you wouldn't usually have the patience or energy for. Now is a time for mindfulness, but you do have to channel your excess energy somewhere.


When the wind is knocked out of your sails, you are perfectly fine staying put. In fact, to some, it may appear as though you enjoy Mars retrograde in Gemini. Even so, be careful of getting too cozy with inaction, especially if it affects your earning potential. Figure out a way to automatically invest in action, like by using an automatic savings function of your bank or 401(k).


This Mars retrograde in Gemini, your sign, marks a time to reflect on the identity you lead with. How do you define yourself? What words do you use? If there’s an outdated definition at the helm of this understanding, you could be holding yourself and everyone you meet to a past version of yourself. So, use this time to reconfigure an empowered sense of self.


When was the last time you disconnected? A slowdown in our physical world means you can expect a more accessible, natural connection to your spiritual side. Without strong forward momentum in the cosmos, you can ease into a meditative state much easier. Allow goals and external seeking to dissipate as you create a solid intuitive skillset. I can already see you glowing.


The Mars retrograde in Gemini is moving through your networks, allowing you to break away from any groups that may be causing more harm than good. Use this opportunity to examine your relationship with social media or to take a break from the apps altogether. Because, let's be honest, how many people are you “hate following” right now? Work to give less air to the negativity.


If all the deadlines and meetings were to be removed from your work calendar, how would you feel? Relieved? Anxious? Imagine a world where you could only add back what brings you joy, and file the rest neatly in your email folders. Use this Mars retrograde as an opportunity to reset your commitments at work, because people naturally look to you as the pinnacle of efficiency.


Mars retrogrades through your belief systems, Libra, testing your narrating skills as the script writer for your life. If you have an internal moral compass, now would be the time to check in with it to ensure you’re on following the plot you intend to create. Once you have clarity, your moral resolution only becomes more potent.


Mars, your ancient ruler, will help shift your focus to your shadow beliefs. By practicing shadow work, you have a cosmic opportunity to release the shackles that may be contributing to your blocks around money and self-worth, Scorpio. Resources to help guide you through this are Shadow Work by Danielle Massi or Worthy by Nancy Levin.


Examine your core partnerships. Do you tend to mirror each other, or is there a strong individuality in your relationships? Do you have an equal and reciprocal energy exchange? And if so, is there anything you’d change about your contribution? Now’s the time to balance the scales because this Mars retrograde in Gemini allows you to take responsibility for how you set the tone.


This Mars retrograde in Gemini will help you re-evaluate how you care for yourself. The Ayurvedic approach to wellness incorporates mind, body, and spirit. Learning about the ancient Indian practice and its doshas may allow you to embrace routines that keep your holistic health in mind. A lack of pitta or fire energy in the cosmos, for instance, could mean you’ll naturally crave more warmth and spices in your diet.


What did you dream of being when you grew up? Allow this Mars retrograde in Gemini to bring you all the way back to childhood when life was simple and there were no perceived obstacles to your goals. Inner-child work can be an illuminating exercise to reconnect with your joy before societal goals were imprinted.


Mars retrogrades in your astrological house of home, and the warmth may leave as well. Get ahead of this cosmic and (winter climate) change by inviting your friends and family over for a game night, the holidays, or just for hot chocolate on a random Tuesday. Your concerted efforts to host will reverse the cosmic spell (and be way more fun).

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