This 2-Month Mars Retrograde Packs Big Sexual Energy—But What Does That Mean During a Pandemic?

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Mars retrograde is nearly upon us, and since we're in the middle of a pandemic, it may look a little different than it normally does. In astrology, the planet of Mars focuses on how you jump into action—especially when it comes to getting action. Given that retrograde essentially means—as astrologer Ambi Kavanagh previously told Well+Good—“the planet’s energy is somewhat blocked externally, so those life areas that come within that planet’s domain are not as easily expressed," it makes sense that the Mars retrograde period is a time for sexual reflection and exploration.

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But before you pull out your copy of the Kama Sutra and some highlighters, remember that this transit (from September 9th to November 12th in Mars's ruling planet, Aries) is occurring during the pandemic, wherein the safest sex is with yourself. So, does this mean the Mars retrograde in the pandemic will end up being not much more than a two-month dry spell?

Not necessarily. The best thing you can do in accordance with the Mars retrograde energy actually might be very much adhering to those safer sex guidelines and spending some QT with your favorite sex toy.

Astrologically speaking, Mars holds the energy of the warrior archetype. The fiery planet can unlock the side of you willing to go into battle for what you desire. But that's not to say Mars is all headstrong and impulsive—he has a strategic mind and emotional intelligence that can crucially decode Venus. "In mythology, Venus chose Mars to be her lover because he understood her and knew what she wanted, among other things," says transformational astrologer Corina Crysler. So, "during this Mars retrograde, lean into decoding aspects of your Venus that Mars can unravel and ask yourself, 'what gives me pleasure?'"

This a perfect time for aggressive self-discovery in the realm of pleasure, of being bold and torching the bed every night.

To make the most of this intel, call upon your Venus sign and Mars sign. (If you're not sure what they are, use a birth-chart generator online like this one.). Generally speaking, though, the placement of your Venus speaks to what gives you love and pleasure. So, use what you know about your Mars sign in order to get what you love. This a perfect time for aggressive self-discovery in the realm of pleasure, of being bold and torching the bed every night.

Some questions you might consider getting to the bottom of? Have I been passive about what I want in bed? How can I possibly spring to action and seize what I want by the horns? The courage of Mars in Aries will push you to experiment. "Mars can dismantle the shame around the ego-based concepts that you've embedded in your subconscious mind from out-of-date societal traditions," says Crysler. "The retrograde time can provide the opportunity to use this energy of cardinal fire to initiate the courage or movement to do the things that you have possibly been afraid or shy of to dive into."

That really means connecting with ourselves (and maybe others in whatever sexual coupling or pod you have) through intense pleasure. We get out of our head and into our bodies to discover where your personal power resides. With Mars retrograde in the pandemic, we're using fiery energy to go after our fantasies and our dreams and work to manifest them into reality.

"By initiating pleasure and intense internal orgasms, we can open the energy for creation and the manifestation of our visions," says Crysler. "Try a yoni-egg practice or a crystal pleasure wand that reaches the G-spot or cervix. A breathwork class that stimulates the vagus nerve will also help open the pleasure pathway."

This is where the magic happens, so this retrograde can force you to go inward and explore.

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