*This* Store Has Everything You Need to Give Your Home Spa-Level Chill on the Cheap

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There are few things in life that bring me more pleasure than a boutique wellness studio. The chilled cucumber water! The eucalyptus scented towels! The mellow playlist drifting from invisible speakers. If I had it my way, I'd spend my entire paycheck on visits to spas, yoga classes, and meditation studios, but sadly things like rent and food make that impossible.

However, more and more big box stores are upping their wellness game. You can deck out your home with Himalayan salt lamps from Homegoods, super sleek decor care of Target, and thanks to Marshall's—AKA the store where discount dreams are made—you can get the next best thing to a wellness studio without ever having to leave your apartment. The brand has everything you could ever possibly need to re-create your favorite upscale wellness experiences in your own space, minus the hefty price tag.

Though every brick-and-mortar Marshall's store is slightly different—and sadly you can't shop online—a quick trip can score you some (... or all) of these affordable home goods that will help turn your home into a multi-faceted wellness destination. And the best part? Every item will run you less than $20 (in fact, most are much, much less), so you can basically re-do your entire bathroom for less than the cost of say a fancy yoga class. Now, I suppose I just have to worry about spending my entire paycheck at Marshall's.

Keep scrolling to find out the wellness buys to snag at Marshall's.


If you want your own, private meditation studio

Bring the meditation to you with the same sort of zenned-out vibes. Try a terrarium, light some candles or throw on a diffuser, and bring in as many natural elements as possible. To convert your entire home into a permanent chill sesh, check out our guide for a top-to-bottom MNDFL-inspired makeover.

If you're a die-hard hot yoga devotee

Pop on a Spotify playlist (old school rap, if you're a fan of Y7; the soothing sounds of chimes, if you're more of a traditionalist), crank up the heat and trick out your workout with a fun set of yoga clothes and sassy mat to match. For some help getting into your solo-flow, try one of these options; renditions of both are available in store.


If you're a bath enthusiast

There's nothing quite as relaxing as a pre-bed soak (even science has my back on this one). Turn your bathroom into its own dreamy sanctuary with an essential oil bath bomb, then luxuriate in the tub with an exfoliating scrub. Grab your journal (... and maybe a glass of wine?) and take the time to chill, knowing that you don't have to commute home once the experience is over.

If you want to play facialist

No matter how kind you are to your skin, chances are you aren't taking the time to give it full-on facials as often as you should be. Once a month, treat yourself to some at-home TLC with face masks, serum and a chic rose-water spritz. Chill yourself some cucumber water and you'll genuinely forget you aren't in an actual spa.

If Marshall's doesn't have everything you need, check out all of the wellness goods you can score at HomeGoods. And if you're looking to give your bathroom a full re-do on the cheap, here are some of our favorite under $100 hacks to make it happen.

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