The Woo-Woo Wellness Trend That Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Fully Embrace

Photo: Instagram/@mkastyle
Once the Olsen twins pluck something from the ether and declare it cool, it basically means a ton of other women will follow suit and buy into the trend. This has happened over the past several decades that they've been around (influencing since they were babies), with everything from oversized sunglasses/T-shirts/handbags/coats to the wet hair look.

Nowadays, Mary-Kate and Ashley have gone decidedly woo-woo. Case in point? The fashion-designing duo is taking a firm stand behind the healing powers of crystals.

At their fall 2018 runway show for The Row this morning, the twins handed out mini crystals in their goody bags, as reported by The Cut. All members of the audience received one of two gemstones: clear quartz or black tourmaline. Each came with a description on their healing prowess—the clear crystal for harmony and revitalizing the "physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual planes," and the black one for protection against negative energy.

"To cleanse this crystal, cover and soak in salt water for 24 hours," each accompanying notecard said at the end. It makes sense that the Olsens are fans of the high-vibe rocks—over the summer, Mary-Kate admitted to Vogue that she's "constantly sage'ing" everything to clear bad energy. Sounds like their full house is full of good vibes (had to).

If you're looking to copy them (guilty), here's a room-by-room guide to the crystals you need in your home. And these are 3 unexpected ways to use crystals, according to the hip-hop world's gem expert.

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