The Healthy Twist on the Arnold Palmer You’ll Be Sipping on All Summer

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As a kid, chances are summer hydration meant sipping on one of two things: Kool-Aid or an Arnold Palmer. And if you're feeling nostalgic, you're in luck, because the half-iced tea/half-lemonade mixture is having a revival—and a healthy one at that.

Just as superfood-obsessed eaters have hacked everything from their coffee orders to their brownies, the new swap replaces basic black tea with antioxidant-packed (and ultra-energizing) matcha. For an added good-for-you boost, look for a lemonade that's low in sugar (since it is, you know, terrible).

The new swap replaces basic black tea with antioxidant-packed (and ultra-energizing) matcha.

And behold, you've got matcha lemonade. "It's so refreshing, healthy, and delicious," says Panatea co-founder David Mandelbaum. Which might explain why the healthy update on the Arnold Palmer is gaining ground on the spritz as the drink of the summer (yes, you can definitely spike yours with vodka for more of a buzz), with always-on-trend Starbucks even offering up their own version. (It happens to be Lady Gaga's go-to order when she visits the mega-cafe, NBD.)

Best of all, matcha lemonade's pretty easy to make at home, according to Mandelbaum. His pro tip: Make sure you're buying legit ceremonial grade matcha for heightened flavor and antioxidants.

Here, he shares the recipe they crafted at the Panatea headquarters, perfected for balanced flavor and maximum nutritional value. So when life gives you matcha, make lemonade.

Keep reading for the perfect homemade matcha lemonade recipe.

matcha lemonade

Matcha Lemonade

Makes 1 lemonade 

1 scoop cerimonial grade matcha
2 oz hot water
3/4 cup lemonade
fresh mint, optional
1 slice of lemon, optional

1. Put one scoop of matcha into a matcha bowl.

2. Press down on the matcha using a whisk to break up all of the matcha clumps.

3. Pour two ounces of hot water over the matcha.

4. Whisk the matcha and the water together to create a paste-like concentrate. Remember to whisk in a M or W motion until all the clumps have been dissolved.

5. Fill a glass with ice and lemonade.

6. Pour the matcha concentrate over the ice and lemonade.

7. Stir together and, if you choose, garnish with a fresh lemon and/or mint leaf.

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