News Flash: Matcha in a Can Is Now a Reality (AKA See Ya, Red Bull)

Photo: Matchabar

MatchaBar founders and brothers Max and Graham Fortgang are all about the hustle. So much so, in fact, that they named their brand new energy drink after it. Matchabar Hustle is the world's first sparkling matcha energy drink—void of the artificial and processed ingredients that have given the energy drink category a dirty name.

While the rise of matcha tea has made it more widely available, this is the first time it's being marketed as an energy drink. “MatchaBar offers a sustained, focused energy setting it apart from the jolt and crash associated with coffee, espresso and energy drinks that are currently out on the market,” Graham Fortgang tells Well To Do, showing that the drinks aren't just a Red Bull replacement, but could serve as a bottled coffee replacement as well. (And BTW, the MatchaBar drink has more caffeine per can than a Red Bull—so drink responsibly.)

And it's about to be everywhere, too. The brand recently received $8 million in funding and has a growing roster of celebrity endorsers. Drake was on board before the product launch, but recently actor Ansel Eglort, Diplo, and Super Bowl MVP Von Miller have invested in the highly caffeinated brand.

The new energy drinks are being rolled out now, and considering that the food and beverage industry as a whole is favoring healthier fare over processed, sugar-loaded products, it's primed to be the next big energy booster. We're calling it: Matcha is about to go mainstream.

If you need a matcha primer, here's why the green tea is so good for you. And these fast food places that have it ready to order.

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