Maude’s New $30, Beginner-Friendly Butt Plug Will Make Your Other Body Parts Green With Envy

Photo: Maude; Graphic: W+G Creative
Between the popularity of indoor plants and Earth-toned paint colors, the recent widespread enthusiasm for the color green is unmistakable. But, it hasn't as of yet infiltrated every market. The pleasure industry, for example, is still largely overrun with toys in pinks and purples, but that's all changing thanks to a new launch. Finally here to fill that hole—as well as another (ahem) hole—is the just-released Maude Cone ($30), a moss-green butt plug from the sexual wellness company.

The Maude Cone is made from body-safe, medical-grade, soft-to-the-touch silicone. Basically the plug is as silky-smooth as it is safe for insertion.  Featuring 3.5 inches of insertable length, the Cone is about the length of the average person's ring finger, making it suitable to first-time plug users as well as seasoned pros who enjoy a smaller toy. More importantly, the curved contour of the Cone is optimal for comfortable insertion and extraction. Basically, anyone interested in or already big fans of anal orgasms will want this affordable, chic toy in their rotation.

Shaped like a carrot, this plug features a super-narrow tip that gradually grows in girth. And the operative word here is indeed gradually. At the most narrow point, the plug is no thicker than a pinky finger. (For those familiar with the original Maude sex toy, Vibe, the tip of the Cone is the same shape and width.)

This plug holds the power to make you feel like a million bucks without requiring that you dish that much out.

As you progress down towards the neck of the toy—the pencil-slim part your anal sphincter rests against when the toy is inside you—the plug expands to the girth of two fingers. While two fingers may sound big if you’ve never explored anal before, rest assured that with enough of the right water-based lube (multiple squirts!), proper arousal level (high!), and rhythmic breathing, you’ll be making sounds of pleasure, not pain. (Of course, if you start to experience pain of any sort, pause or stop entirely).

In addition to how accessible the Maude Cone is to folks of all levels of experience with anal play, it's a winning selection for its high-design aesthetic. It's discreet, can be easily disguised as a Christmas tree amongst your holiday ornaments, and even after the festive season passes, you can leave this nondescript toy out, free from fear of vanilla houseguests identifying it.

And as a final bonus, this plug may be green, but it won’t cost you much green. At just $30, the Maude Cone is one of the few reasonably priced non-vibrating butt plugs from a luxury pleasure product company on the market. The b-Vibe Snug Plug 1, for example, is $55, which is nearly twice the price of Maude’s new launch. And vibrating plugs can put you out nearly two Benjamins. Basically, this plug holds the power to make you feel like a million bucks without requiring that you dish that much out.

Ultimately, the Maude Cone is a great butt plug for anyone. Small, non-textured, and non-vibrating, it meets the requirement for a beginner plug. But at its affordable price point, it’s also a great selection for more experienced users looking to upgrade their collection with a neutral-toned toy. Trust that your other parts will be green with envy that your bum gets to enjoy this cutie-patootie plug.

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