May 2023 Wellness Horoscope: How the Cosmos Will Affect Your Well-Being This Month, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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The cloudy haze of April’s astrology shrouds the beginning of May, as we enter the month in the midst of eclipse season with Mercury still retrograde. There’s a disorienting sense this Taurus season that the puzzle pieces of our lives are moving around, and the picture that they’ll form is yet to be determined. Though things take a turn for clearer horizons come mid-month, every sign’s May 2023 wellness horoscope will include a lesson in slowing down and reflecting.

As Mercury continues to retrace its steps (until May 14), we’d be wise to do the same—in particular, to review and reassess how we’ve been receiving and sharing information as of late. That reflective vibe is only magnified by the lunar eclipse in Scorpio on May 5, which could send us on a deep exploration of what it means to feel secure, on both emotional and material levels.

The lunar eclipse in Scorpio on May 5 could send us on a deep exploration of what it means to feel secure, on both emotional and material levels.

We’ll likely find more stable ground come the middle of the month, as Mercury retrograde ends on May 14, allowing the ideas that have been patiently percolating to gain traction. Also, on May 16, Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, moves into the sensual sign of Taurus for a yearlong sojourn, ushering in a lucky era for the Taureans in particular.

As for the rest of us? We’ll embark on a journey during which Jupiter will show us how engaging with the best of Taurean energy—feeling grounded, moving more leisurely, and connecting to the beauty of nature—can help us access a greater sense of freedom and abundance.

At the same time, however, we could also find ourselves grappling with the shadow sides of Taurus as Jupiter forms a tense square with Pluto just after moving into the sign. As a planet that reveals the core truths and hidden secrets we’d often rather not face, Pluto could push us to get to the bottom of things and do something that Taurus classically despises: Let go of something that is past its prime in order to make room for change and growth.

Just how you’ll feel the energy of these celestial moves—plus, other key moments in May’s astrology—depends on your birth chart. Read on for your sun, moon, and rising signs to uncover a full picture of your May 2023 wellness horoscope, and pick up cosmically aligned ways to elevate your well-being throughout the month.

May 2023 wellness horoscope for every star sign


The symbol for the aries zodiac sign, which resembles a ram.

Jupiter's big move this month into the grounded sign of Taurus, on May 16, lands in your second house of personal resources, Aries. This could give you a boost when it comes to creating new ways to expand your income potential.

You just may need to dig deep in order to figure out exactly how. Your planetary ruler, intense Mars, comes into opposition with transformative Pluto on May 20, pushing you to get honest about what you truly desire and not to let fear get in the way of that. While you may find it challenging to be patient, moving slowly and thoughtfully this month will help you discover resources that could have a lasting impact on your success.

Wellness tip: As this is a month of going deep for you, treat yourself to a deep-tissue massage, if you can. Working out under-the-surface muscular tension will leave you restored and energized.


If the first half of May has you feeling like you're spinning your wheels, don't worry, Taurus. Everything's about to change on May 16. Not only will Mercury have turned direct in your sign by then, but also, beneficent Jupiter will shift into your sign. In turn, your world is poised to get much bigger, and "yes" is about to become your favorite word. It's a time of great bounty—one that will have you infused with more optimism, as well as the faith that more is possible than you previously believed.

Wellness tip: Consider mixing a couple drops of walnut-flower essence into your water bottle each day this month. This can help with opening your heart and mind to the host of possibilities that can be accessed during this new chapter of your life.


This Taurus season, you've likely been in deep reflective mode, Gemini. After all, the sun has been traversing your 12th house of the inner psyche. As your planetary ruler, Mercury, finally returns to forward motion on May 14, you could come to the realization that all the time you've spent considering what you think and what you feel over these past few weeks has served you well, and you're able to move forward with a deeper understanding of yourself. If you're looking for a big boost of energy, remember that the sun entering your sign on May 21 will also give you just that.

Wellness tip: Carve out some alone time to read or daydream, or play music and dance with abandon.


The lunar eclipse in your fellow water sign Scorpio, on May 5, could have you feeling emotionally wobbly, Cancer. If you're not clear on what's bubbling up for you, avoid rushing to judgment or feeling pressured to explain what you need to yourself or someone else.

As the month progresses, you could discover a newfound appreciation for your friends and the communities to which you belong. In particular, when the new moon arrives in Taurus on May 19, activating your 11th house of friendship, you could find that group gatherings are a portal for both personal and collective growth.

Wellness tip: Make a point of hanging out with the people whom you trust the most. These gatherings can be a pathway to pleasure this month and a stellar antidote to stress.


Your work life could be commanding a lot of your attention this month, Leo, as the sun moving in Taurus through May 21 highlights your 10th house of career. Keep an open mind as to the best steps to take to reach your career goals on May 9, as your planetary ruler, the sun, unites with revolutionary Uranus, shaking up your perspective. On May 20, assertive Mars enters your sign, which could also spark your fiery spirit and help fan the flames of your desires.

Wellness tip: Incorporate neroli flower essence—a fragrance that’s calming and inspires joy—in your self-care regimen.


You could enter this month with a small burst of clarity amidst an otherwise foggy celestial setup, Virgo. On May 1, your planetary ruler, Mercury, unites with the sun, dissolving some of the haze you may have been experiencing. Come May 14, as Mercury ends its retrograde cycle, you’ll find that you have an even clearer picture of both your short-term goals and the action steps necessary to reach them.

Wellness tip: Traveling could really broaden your horizons this month and offer new inspiration, as the sun in Taurus highlights your ninth house of adventure. If you don’t have a trip planned, consider watching a culinary travel show, like Restaurants at the End of the World or Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy.


The people around you could really notice your value this month, Libra. First, your planetary ruler, love-oriented Venus, moves into Cancer on May 7, hitting on your 10th house of reputation. And then, on May 16, Jupiter shifts into Taurus, landing in your eighth house of shared resources and sex, opening your mind to new ways you might experience intimacy. It’s a ripe time to reflect upon how you can invite the erotic into your life.

Wellness tip: Read erotic stories, wear sexy lingerie under your everyday outfits, and/or explore the world of sex toys this month as a means to open yourself up to the seductive.


May is quite the intense month for you, Scorpio. To kick it off, your planetary ruler, transformative Pluto, stations retrograde in your fourth house of home and family, which has the power to unearth family drama. Then, on May 5, the lunar eclipse in your sign could have your emotions flaring—and yet, what you’re feeling may not be totally clear to you. Finally, things could come to a head on May 17, as Pluto forms a tense square with expansive Jupiter, potentially revealing painful truths or hidden secrets.

Wellness tip: Ask a trusted loved one for wellness advice; the ability to be vulnerable will translate as strength and courage, not weakness.


Given that Jupiter is your planetary ruler, you’re bound to feel the energetic shift most profoundly when it changes signs, Sagittarius. In this case, as it shifts from Aries to Taurus on May 16, it also moves from your fifth house of pleasure and creativity to your sixth house of health and well-being, turning your focus toward the latter. You could find yourself embarking upon a new journey of discovering what it means to be healthy on all levels, and the ways and means to achieve that feeling.

Wellness tip: Clean out your medicine and/or supplement cabinet, discarding what’s expired and assessing what you need to round out your home apothecary.


Your creativity or curiosity might catch you off guard this month, Capricorn. As the sun in Taurus moves through your fifth house of joy, pleasure, and the inner child, you could discover a more curated approach to expressing your creative side.

Let this serve as inspiration for a new intention once the new moon arrives on May 19. This day also features a supportive sextile between your planetary ruler Saturn and communication-oriented Mercury, giving any intentions you set extra staying power.

Wellness tip: As an intense and productivity-focused sign, you may not think that doodling can help you achieve your goals—but try it out. You may just be surprised by how it can help calm your spirit and activate your creative mind.


In some shape or form, your family could take precedence this month, Aquarius, as the sun in Taurus highlights your fourth house of home and familial roots. This may manifest as you needing or wanting to prioritize family members. Or, it could lead to you seeing the familial patterns that keep you from doing you, which may motivate you to put yourself first instead.

When your planetary ruler, innovative Uranus, unites with the sun on May 9, and when the new moon arrives on May 19, you could gain insights into what you really need to feel at home and what—or who—gives you a feeling of belonging.

Wellness tip: If you’re looking for more clarity about family patterns, how they impact you, and how to release them, take this assessment created by a family therapist, which will lead you to information on your core inner-child wound.


Like Sagittarius, you’re deeply impacted by the movements of Jupiter, Pisces. (That’s because the expansive planet is your traditional planetary ruler, too.) As it moves from Aries to Taurus on May 16, it also shifts from your second house of personal resources to your third house of learning, sparking a year-long period in which your curiosity to expand your knowledge base can really take you places. The energy is ready-set-go in terms of enhancing your communication skills and refining your storytelling abilities.

Wellness tip: Begin a daily writing practice, setting aside time each morning this month—even just five or 10 minutes—to do free-flow journaling.

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