This $8 Eyebrow Pencil Has 51,000 5-Star Reviews on Amazon

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Our eyebrows are the most defining feature on our faces. Research has shown that they play a major role in non-verbal emotional expression (think: when you raise your eyebrows to ask someone WTF they're talking about). Meanwhile, an MIT study has shown that famous faces are rendered unrecognizable in the absence of eyebrows (Winona Ryder without eyebrows does not look like Winona Ryder). With so much riding on those random two strips of hair in the middle of our foreheads, it's no wonder most of us want to make them look as good as possible before we step out of our houses. This should explain why more than 51,000 people have fallen in love with Maybelline Total Temptation Eyebrow Definer Pencil ($8).

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  • Cara Lovello, New York-based bridal and celebrity makeup artist

What sets the brow pencil apart is the fact that it's made with a chiseled, tear-drop-shaped tip, which is soft and easily malleable—almost like a crayon. The smaller end allows you to precisely define your brows by making hairlike strokes, and you can use the larger end to more broadly fill in any spaces that need a little extra oomph. On the other end, there's a spoolie that makes for easy blending, which gives you a natural-looking brow if that's more your thing.

It comes in four colors: blonde, soft brown, medium brown, and deep brown. For best results, pros suggest choosing a tone that is slightly lighter than your natural shade if you're a brunette, and slightly darker than your natural shade if you're a blonde. “I would use the flat edge to make a few hairlike strokes going upwards in the front of the brow, and then towards the middle of the brow, I would start angling the hairlike strokes to build up the arch of the brow," says celebrity makeup artist Cara Lovello. "I always underline the underneath of the brow to give it a little lift and complete the look by finishing off the tail to a nice point."

Looking at the before and after photos from people who have tried the product, it's no wonder it's become such a cult fave—you don't earn 51,000, five-star reviews for nothing, after all. It has the ability to make even the sparsest, most barely-there brows look naturally bold and beautiful, and fans of the pencil say their brows have "never looked better." Move over, microblading, because this $8 alternative might just be the next best thing.

Speaking of brow-styling hacks, check out the below video for tips on how to shape yours at home. 


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