Maye Musk’s 3 Beauty and Wellness Secrets for Being a Babe at *Every* Age

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Style icon Maye Musk has an intimate relationship with holistic health: Not only is the septuagenarian a world-renowned model and newly appointed CoverGirl, but she also holds not one but two master's degrees relating to nutritional sciences. To state it plainly, the globe-trotting fashionista has made it her business to know what it means to be well, from stocking her house with healthy food (she says she never keeps junk food around) and practicing diligent self-love to mastering the art of perfectly applied eyeliner.

The self-proclaimed "science nerd" recently revealed to me that her look-good, feel-good routine is simple and intuitive. "I'm confident when I know I’ve eaten well, and I’ve slept well, and I’m dressed nicely, and I have my basic makeup on," Musk tells me. Same, right?

Well, get out a pen and paper, because I asked her to elaborate so we can all reap the benefits of her top timeless beauty (and beyond!) tips.

Check out (and memorize) Maye Musk's 3 timeless beauty and wellness tips.

1. Take SPF and sun hats seriously.

It's no secret that too much time in the sun can wreak havoc on your skin and overall health in the long run, which is why it's essential to prevent sunburns and treat them properly when you do get a bit scorched. But Musk's top tip is simply to avoid the problem altogether. Yep, "stay out of the sun," is Musk's No. 1 piece of beauty intel. So, try getting your daily dose of vitamin D through food and supplements.

2. Carefully pick and choose the people with whom you spend time: They will be your foundation for self-love.

"[Y]our confidence gets knocked out of you many times in your life, and you just have to push through it and meet people who are nice and help you move forward," she says. As for those who don't support you, Musk says, "if you’re in a personal or work relationship that is negative, then you need to move on." It's as simple as that. Surrounding yourself with high-vibe all-stars is a Musk-approved way to practice self-love.

3. Find your basic beauty look—and let it be your anchor.

Though the supermodel has been known to rock bright pops of eye shadow or bold, winged eyeliner for high-fashion shoots, Musk feels most at home in an uncomplicated yet elegant combination of foundation, eyeliner, and clear nail polish. "I’m currently loving the new TruBlend Matte Made [foundation] because it feels so comfortable on the skin and wears perfectly for my long hour shoot days," she says. For her eyes, she swears by a quick dash of CoverGirls' Get in Line Eyeliner because of its super-fine tip. And finally, to keep her nails strong (and give them the slightest sheen) when she's not "doing a fabulous color for a photo shoot or red carpet," she adds a clear coat of Nail Tek. And, though Musk's look is totally timeless, it's worth noting that naked nails are essentially the mani trend of the season.

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