I Had a Session With a Medical Intuitive—Here’s What Happened

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From shamans and toe readers to crystal healers and beyond, there doesn't seem to be any shortage of woo-woo professions to explore. A medical intuitive, though, is one title that’s often met with outsize skepticism—and understandably so, given that it involves a self-appointed practitioner tapping into your energy and then providing you with intel about underlying emotional and physical situations they see.

The thought of taking health advice from someone without a formal medical background can seem a little out there and certainly isn't for everyone. But, as is the case with many alternative-healing methods, working with a medical intuitive isn't meant to replace seeking more traditional-leaning diagnoses, testing, or treatment. Rather, a session with a medical intuitive who taps their spirit-guide posse for guidance is just another healing modality you can add to your wellness toolkit.

“Being a medical intuitive means helping people discover the root cause of mild to moderate health ailments and prevent them before they begin,” says Amy Mercree, medical intuitive and author of A Little Bit Of Goddess: An Introduction to the Divine Feminine. So, seeing one can be especially helpful as a second, third, or fourth, opinion for finding a root cause to symptoms that have stumped other pros, or if you want supplemental support in healing after getting a diagnosis.

I fall into the mystery-symptom camp. I’ve been dealing with chronic (and often debilitating) headaches as well as digestive issues for years and doctors have only ever suggested I eat nutritiously and spend less time on the computer. Those strategies alone haven't worked thus far, so when the opportunity to have a session with not one, but two medical intuitives presented itself, I was intrigued. Even if the result would only be a seedling of direction as to how I can relieve my symptoms, I'd call it a win.

Curious about what happened? Keep reading to learn more about what my sessions with medical intuitives.

I saw 2 medical intuitives to get intel on mystery symptoms—check out what happened in each session below.

My session with medical intuitive No. 1:

When I go to see spiritual and medical intuitive Katie Beecher, who has worked with people who have autoimmune diseases, fertility issues, mental illness, and neurological disorders, she tells me each practitioner operates differently. Before the first session, for example, Beecher asks for just my first name and age. “I sit quietly and meditate on the person's name and age and begin receiving information from my spiritual guides,” she says. “My goal is to detect the underlying physical, emotional, and spiritual root causes, which may include trauma, relationship difficulties, not following a life path that is desirable, not being their authentic self, being in a job they do not like, and more.”

“My goal is to detect underlying physical, emotional, and spiritual root causes, which may include trauma, relationship difficulties, not being their authentic self, and more” —Katie Beecher, medical intuitive

After introspecting on name and age, Beecher also sends her clients a four-page chart and a watercolor painting before the session. The chart goes through each of the seven chakras and lists any physical or emotional symptoms that you may be dealing with, whether or not you're aware. My chart notes that I’m very sensitive to toxins (check!); I hold emotions in my gut and push things down (check!); and that I've have struggled with digestive issues since a young age (how did she know?!).

The colorful painting serves as a visual representation of your energetic body, and during the session, Beecher goes through the symbolism of it with you. Mine includes a sunflower around the head, with the arms up. She says this represents going through a cycle of reinventing myself (what I'm currently navigating) and tapping more into my spiritual side (also very true).

“The information for both the report and painting comes in the form of words, physical feelings, scenes I see in my head, symbols, and more," Beecher says. "I often get information from people's loved ones who have passed as well.”

Overall, her thoughts and conclusions feel accurate and resonate with me. And as a result, I felt very seen. Most helpful, though, was the direction she provided regarding the root cause of my chronic headaches. Her take? Deficiencies in some vitamins and minerals and gut and hormonal imbalances. While I plan to verify this take with a medical doctor, it's nice to have a theory to test.

My session with medical intuitive No. 2:

My session with Mercree looked a bit different: She spends some time at the start saying a prayer and connecting with my spirit guides. “These beings direct the session, and I’m really just a messenger for these guides,” she says. “I look at the energy of the body, then I’m guided to see where there are densities or areas where it’s not flowing. A lot of times, that also involves talking to different types of cells in the body and finding out why they’re not functioning well.”

“I look at the energy of the body, then I’m guided to see where there are densities or areas where it’s not flowing." —Amy Mercree, medical intuitive

Mercree also suspects that my gut and hormones are what's making me feel out of whack. She recommends I take certain supplements to help rebalance my levels. Unlike Beecher, Mercree senses emotion stuck in my liver and suggests some clearing exercises to help move the emotions out of the body.

The aftermath

Since the sessions, I’ve undergone blood work and other tests, which have confirmed my hormones and gut microbiome are off and that I am indeed deficient in certain vitamins and minerals.

Now, a few weeks later, thanks in large part to doctor-recommended supplements and probiotics, I’m feeling so much better, and am almost completely free of headaches for the first time in years. Could I have reached my medical conclusions without the help of a medical intuitive? Almost certainly, but I suspect reaching that root cause would have required a lot more guesswork, testing, and time.

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