It’s Official: Meditation Booths Are the New Phone Booths

Photo: Instagram/@buddhabooths
Spotting an old-school phone booth is about as rare as meeting someone with a pager. (Now those wifi hot-spots where you can charge your phone? Those are cool.) But one company is bringing 'em back—with a twist.

Lifestyle guru Francine Steadman-Krulak founded her company BuddhaBooth as a way to give stressed out people on-the-go (AKA pretty much, um, everyone) a way to meditate anywhere—even on a busy city street. The idea came to her when she was working as a consultant and starting to feel burned out.

"That sensory overload, coupled with nowhere to privately breathe or make a phone call led me on a journey to claim my calm," Steadman-Krulak says. "And, the realization that I was chasing a sliver of peace and quiet made me extremely aware I was likely not alone. Hence a spark—then a flame—of desire to find a solution to this problem and share it with the world." Having a hunch she wasn't the only one feeling that way, she sought out a designer and manufacturer to make pop-up mediation booths.

Photo: Instagram/@buddhabooths

BuddhaBooths are starting to be planted at office spaces, schools, and studios (Well+Good's co-founder spotted one at Shaktibarre in Brooklyn). And they're pretty darn stylish too, with a Moroccan design and sleek wood. Inside each one is a soft rug, stool, and meditation pillows. Pretty dreamy, right?

What throwback is next? A revival of '90s clothing or mood rings? Oh wait...

If you're struggling to find a reason to meditate, you should know it could improve your sex life and and slow aging.

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