The 9 Most Popular Meditation and Sleep Podcasts on Spotify

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At this time, it's certainly not lost on anyone that a feeling of zen and restorative sleep is getting harder to come by. By day, there are a million things to do (now all in the confines of your home), a seemingly endless amount of scary news to sort through, and just general stress that wreaks havoc on your body (and mind). By night, there are vivid dreams and nightmares and general bouts of insomnia. Take a break from those True Crime podcasts you've been listening to, and take a deep breath.

Here we have the most streamed meditative podcasts out there, according to Spotify. As you'll see, there's a heavy focus on sleep, so you'll get to be blissed out and ready for bed. For added daily good vibes, you can also check out the Daily Wellness playlist—a mix of wellness recommended podcasts, songs, and moments created based on your own listening habits that's refreshed for day and night. (Technology, man.)

The most streamed meditation podcasts


This "bedtime story" app is hosted by "Dearest Scooter" as performed by Drew Ackerman, and has been around since 2013—meaning there's a lot of episodes for you to dive into.


Another book-reading podcast, this one is hosted by Otis Gray with a voice that will put you to ease and make your eyes heavy.


Are you seeing a pattern here? This sleep podcast is hosted by yoga and meditation teacher Kathryn Nicolai, and the best part is that she tells the story twice—the second slower and more melodic than the first.

4. Guided Sleep Meditation & Sleep Hypnosis from Sleep Cove

This podcast is hosted by Christopher Fitton, a hypnotherapist. You'll get everything from sleep hypnosis sessions to meditations to bedtime stories, all designed to help you relax and sleep better.

5. Sleep Meditation Podcast

Hello, new obsession. This soundscapes podcast has different noises to lure you to the dream zone, including different types of rain experiences (driving in the car, anyone?) and water sounds (including a dishwasher one... which is more meditative than you would think).

6. Get Sleepy: Sleep meditation and stories

A sleep meditation is followed by a calming bedtime story—aka a one-two punch for better sleep.

7. On Purpose with Jay Shetty

If the other podcasts were to help with sleep, this one is to help with focus. Host Jay Shetty interviews some of the most insightful people on the planet to gain some wisdom in all facets of life—including loneliness, love, career, and gratitude.

8. Snoozecast: Stories for Sleep

This one is a good 101 to bedtime stories. You can also request different books and texts to read, in hopes they make an episode. New episodes release three times a week.

9. ASMR Rain Recordings

Yes, every type of rain sound you can think of is in this podcast of recorded sessions—from city rain to droplets on umbrellas to, obviously, the rainforest. So soothing. So sleep-inducing.

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